By Steven Macdonald published January 13, 2015

The 5 Pillars of Successful Content Marketing

Content marketing spending is increasing, but traditional marketers still struggle with the shift to a pull strategy. If you have ever been asked how content marketing can really work, share these five pillars with the inquisitors. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published January 12, 2015

The Evolution of Content Marketing Will Include Intelligent Content

Creating more valuable content that isn’t tagged properly, isn’t scalable, or isn’t easily reusable seems completely wrong. Joe Pulizzi reveals why content marketing as many enterprises practice it today isn’t enough for it to thrive. Continue reading

By Dan Smith published January 11, 2015

5 Tips to Help Your Colleagues Become Successful Content Creators

Forcing in-house staff to be content creators can cause a lot of headaches. Discover this almost foolproof method to ensure colleagues not only get on board with the strategy but also become key contributors who truly want to participate. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published January 10, 2015

This Week in Content Marketing: Is the Social Media Phase Over?

In This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert dissect WSJ trends and talk YouTube subscriber burn, Forbes magazine gift to AT&T, and what authenticity means. Rant and rave: Allstate mayhem and Marriott interview on content marketing strategy. Continue reading

By Clare McDermott published January 9, 2015

The Wizard of Moz Talks SEO and Shares Tips for 2015

Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz, a leading inbound marketing software company, and host of Whiteboard Fridays, answers questions about what he wishes marketers understood about search and SEO, and shares tips for upping your game in 2015. Continue reading

By Pamela Muldoon published January 8, 2015

The Pivot: Prolific Blogger Shares the Key to Future Marketing Success

In The Pivot, Todd Wheatland talks with Mark Schaefer whose 25-year corporate career was the ideal foundation for his success as a consultant, prolific blogger, and author. Learn the one thing he thinks is the future of marketing. Continue reading

By Scott Aughtmon published January 8, 2015

5 Content Domination Lessons From a Furniture Maker Turned Publisher

In the 1920s, a furniture maker turned an in-house publication into a magazine that remains one of the most recognized titles in the world. His story reveals five content-creation lessons that can help you dominate your industry. Continue reading

By Rachel Foster published January 7, 2015

How to Get 200+ New Subscribers From 1 LinkedIn Article

LinkedIn’s power to generate B2B social leads is great. Learn what one content marketer did so her post generated thousands of views and a couple hundred subscribers. She shares five tips to make the most of your LinkedIn content. Continue reading

By Pamela Muldoon published January 6, 2015

Go-to Social Media Tools Guy Wants to Blast ‘Social Media’

He’s the social media tool guy. His blog is on Social Media Examiner’s Top 10. In this Content Marketing NEXT, RazorSocial’s Ian Cleary talks about what’s now, new, and next, and the two words he wants to blast that may surprise you. Continue reading

By Kathryn Hawkins published January 6, 2015

How to Know When You Need a Content Marketing Agency

Content marketing agencies aren’t a be-everything-to-everyone resource, but they offer unique value to a cross section of businesses. Learn how these five types of organizations can benefit from an agency dedicated to content. Continue reading