By Joe Pulizzi published July 7, 2014

The One Change Facebook Made that Led to $1 Billion

One of the top challenges enterprise organizations experience in developing successful content marketing programs is a lack of alignment around employee goals. Take a page from Facebook: Finding the right metrics for gauging content success is just as important as any other business decision you will ever make. Continue reading

By Scott Brinker published July 6, 2014

Why Your Content Marketing Team Needs a Marketing Technologist

Content marketing is evolving rapidly — growing in both scale and sophistication. Your organization is also facing ever-greater competition. What’s the common thread that spans these challenges? Technology. Find out more about why your content marketing team needs a marketing technologist. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published July 5, 2014

The Facebook and the Fury: Coming Clean on Content Experimentation

In this week’s episode, Robert and Joe discuss CMI’s purchase of the Intelligent Content Conference, then dive into P&G’s new edict that all marketing titles will change. They also discuss some new research on how brands spend money to promote owned media content and Robert rants about the fury over Facebook’s recent experiment with readers’ emotions. Listen in. Continue reading

By Michele Linn published July 4, 2014

Build a Successful Editorial Plan: Essential Skills Your Team Needs

While it takes a wide variety of skills to achieve content marketing success, there is one essential role that any company looking to get started in content marketing will need to fill: the managing editor. This sixth installment of our “Back to Basics” series delves into the skills needed to build, implement, and execute your editorial plan. Continue reading

By Tamar Weiss published July 3, 2014

4 Steps to a B2B Content Marketing Strategy that Drives Revenue

If the ultimate goal of content is to drive sales, how do you create content that promotes your product, speaks to your customers and also helps you reach your business goals? If you’re overwhelmed by the struggle to combine all of these factors, take these 4 steps to develop a B2B content marketing strategy that drives revenue. Continue reading

By Buddy Scalera published July 2, 2014

Brand Storytelling Lessons From a Successful Screenwriting Instructor

Just because storytelling is becoming more popular doesn’t mean it’s always being done well. In truth, effective storytelling is deceptively difficult, requiring dedication, focus, and ongoing practice. Get some brand storytelling lessons from a successful screenwriter. Continue reading

By Mark Walker published July 1, 2014

4 Ways to Tie Events Into Your Content Marketing Plan

Events can really chew up your time — whether you’re sponsoring, speaking, or just attending. However, they can be a gold mine for boosting all aspects of your content marketing, from research to content ideas to measurement. Get 4 ways to make the most of events and tie them into your content marketing plan. Continue reading

By Ted Karczewski published June 30, 2014

6 Steps to a Data-Driven Content Marketing Strategy

It’s challenging to build relationships with customers you’ve never met in person, but that’s exactly what marketers today are faced with. Big data can be the solution — if you have the right framework in place to make it actionable. Get 6 steps to a data-driven content marketing strategy. Continue reading

By Joe Bachana published June 29, 2014

How the Right Tech Can Improve Your Content Marketing Workflow

Content marketing isn’t just about text, images and video. It’s about capturing people’s attention across multiple viewing experiences. Selecting the right set of editorial workflow tools will ensure your content is ready for deployment across any channel. Find out how the right technology can improve your content marketing workflow. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published June 28, 2014

This Week in Content Marketing: Influence, Innovation, and Imitation

In this week’s episode, Robert and Joe discuss the top 10 brands on LinkedIn’s content marketing scorecard. In addition, they chat about an IKEA fan site gone wrong, reaching millennials with content marketing, and whether or not we can really tell if online ads are working. They discuss how prepared CMOs are to tackle digital marketing transformations and whether PR is a more successful discipline than content marketing. Listen in. Continue reading