By Pamela Muldoon published April 9, 2015

Did You Hear About the Acupuncturist/Comedian Turned Marketer?

Did you hear the one about the acupuncturist who tried stand-up comedy and launched a successful digital marketing practice? The Pivot Host Todd Wheatland talks with Brian Carter who dishes on improv’s content-marketing effect. Continue reading

By Neil Patel published April 9, 2015

How Google Judges Quality and What You Should Do About It

Why is quality important? Because Google says it is. But much of the quality of today’s content is misguided or poorly aligned. I propose a series of adjustments to make your content possess true quality and raise your search rankings. Continue reading

By Pamela Muldoon published April 8, 2015

Don’t Go for a Single Yes, Go for ‘YESsence’

If you hate selling, this Claim Your Fame is perfect. Host Andrew Davis asks you to change your thinking about selling and embrace your “YESsence.” Listen to how a YouTube fitness sensation uses a series of yeses to build an audience. Continue reading

By Gregarious Narain published April 8, 2015

Here’s Why Real-Time Marketing Won’t Work (and What Will)

Real-time marketing is at odds with almost everything marketers are trained to do. Yet, it’s a tempting tactic to use when you see success like Oreo’s in-the-dark tweet. Instead, go with responsive marketing – here’s why and how. Continue reading

By Pamela Muldoon published April 7, 2015

Content Launch CEO Helps Small Business Content Marketing

In this episode, Pamela Muldoon talks with Content Launch CEO and founder Jon Wuebben who filled a gap in content technology for SMBs. He chats about collaboration and an evolution in a sharing economy, and rants about corporate speak. Continue reading

By Robert Rose published April 7, 2015

New Era of Marketing Requires New Skills

Marketers say they want to reinvent their roles but most don’t know how. Businesses are hindered by a skills gap that prevents content marketing from becoming a strategic function. Learn why it’s important to find the solution today. Continue reading

By Barry Feldman published April 6, 2015

How to Hire Freelancers Who Make Your Content Better

Your content marketing ambitions are large. Your content team is not. Enter freelancers. Finding them isn’t difficult; but finding, evaluating, and hiring good freelancers can be. These tips can improve your search for quality. Continue reading

By Mike Goldberg published April 5, 2015

Real-World Analysis: 6 Ideas for Images That (Really) Work

An image’s value often is worth more than text. Discover how an image’s type and location could have a substantial impact on brand awareness and customer engagement. Learn the best practices based on an analysis of 100+ campaigns. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published April 4, 2015

This Week in Content Marketing: Facebook Moves for Total Internet Domination

Joe and Robert discuss how publishers’ move to create content “inside” Facebook walls may lead to domination. Plus, is “content blindness” a thing, do digital natives prefer to read print on paper, and is it a rant or rave on a TechCrunch article? Continue reading

By Dani Finkelstein published April 3, 2015

8 Super-Simple Tools You Can Use to Create Better Content 

You spend so much time creating content, you likely don’t have the time to investigate which smart tools will help you make the most of your work. So we want to share eight free tools to make your content even better and save you time. Continue reading