By Jeff Freund published September 2, 2014

5 Vital Classes of Content: A Simple Framework

Content is the vehicle by which a company tells its story. It highlights the products, the team that stands behind them, and everything else that business has to offer — and is, ultimately, responsible for driving conversions. There are multiple layers to effectively telling the entire story of a company, and as such it is necessary to employ multiple classes of content. Get a simple framework for creating 5 vital classes of content. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published September 1, 2014

Confession: A Big Mistake We Were Making With Content Marketing

Confession: Every now and again, we at CMI realize we aren’t following our own advice. While we have been big proponents of offering unique content in each of our channels — and have a channel strategy for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others — we were overlooking our most critical channel: email. Find out more about the big mistake we were making with content marketing. Continue reading

By Andrew Davis published August 31, 2014

4 Branded Content Lessons From a Content Cancellation

In his new column for Chief Content Officer Magazine, Andrew Davis is dishing out content marketing advice to unsuspecting targets — whether they want it or not. This time, Davis takes video hosting company Wistia to task and comes away with 4 branded content lessons from a content cancellation. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published August 30, 2014

This Week in Content Marketing: Long Live the Content Editor

In this episode, Robert and Joe speculate on SlideShare’s decision to make certain Pro features available free of charge, and comment on Clay Shirky’s assertion that newspapers are “dead men walking.” We also applaud Yahoo’s decision to launch “content box” native ads and discuss why marketers ought to view content creation the way a news editor does. Listen in. Continue reading

By Ann Gynn published August 29, 2014

Tricks That Will Bring Treats to Your Content Marketing Toolkit

All content marketers should have a trick or two they can use to address their toughest business challenges. Whether you need to produce more content, create more engaging or effective content, optimize your workflow or otherwise streamline your efforts, these ideas from the content marketing toolkits of industry experts are sure to do the trick. Continue reading

By Clare McDermott published August 28, 2014

7 Inspiring Lessons from 2014′s Top Content Marketers

Today we are excited to announce the finalists competing for the title of the 2014 Content Marketing Awards’ Content Marketer of the Year. They have already won in individual categories, and as we celebrate their accomplishments, it’s also important to understand what they’re doing well. As we review their work, we can get 7 inspiring lessons from the year’s top content marketers. Continue reading

By Brad Young published August 27, 2014

Use Experiments to Improve Your Content Marketing Plan: 9 Ideas

The need to strike a balance between creativity and commerce in marketing isn’t new. How do we do this? We let testing and experimentation play a major role. The digital/social age makes that process easier than ever before. Get 9 ideas for using experiments to unite the art and science in your content marketing plan. Continue reading

By L. Williams published August 26, 2014

6 Tips for Influencer Marketing from an Influencer

Influencers are busy, connected people who have worked hard to cultivate trust in their circles of influence. When they promote a product or service, their circles respond. But to get the benefits of that promotion, you must engage the influencer — and there are right ways and wrong ways to do that. Get 6 tips for influencer marketing from an influencer. Continue reading

By Carla Johnson published August 25, 2014

Build Strong Brand Storytelling From the Inside Out

Our employees are at the heart of what makes brand storytelling come to life and create meaningful experiences for customers. If we expect to be able to go “all-in” with successful content marketing, we have to think about the role our employees play in getting us there. Find out how to build strong brand storytelling from the inside out. Continue reading

By Pawan Deshpande published August 24, 2014

The Content Marketing Pyramid: Create More With Less

These days, content marketing teams are expected to create content in all shapes and sizes. Trying to keep up with the seemingly insatiable demand, team members often can feel overwhelmed and stretched too thin. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Find out how implementing the Content Marketing Pyramid can help you create more with less. Continue reading