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on24  logoThe Webinar Benchmark Throwdown: You vs. Your Industry Peers
April 29, 2014 | 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PT | Free Webinar

The webinar is the workhorse of marketing tactics, but do you really know the ins and outs of planning, promoting, delivering and measuring a top-notch webinar?

If you are ready to find out if you’re a webinar savant (or just so-so), attend the CMI/ON24 webinar benchmarks “triviacast”. We’ll test your webinar smarts, and show you how your webinar performance strategies and metrics compare to your peers.

Pulling data from the new ON24 Webinar Benchmarks report, you’ll learn:

  • Keys to driving webinar registration
  • Best days and times to hold your webinars
  • Ideal registrant-to-attendee conversion data
  • How to leverage interactive webinar tools
  • The pros and cons of live vs. on-demand viewing

Are you brave enough to put your webinar knowledge to the test? Compare yourself to your peers? This is your chance to measure your webinar savvy against industry standards.

Our Guests:

  • Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute (@JoePulizzi)
  • Mark Bornstein, Sr. Director, Content Marketing, ON24, Inc. (@4markb)

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act-onOptimizing Your Content for Inbound Marketing
On Demand | Free Webinar

It’s a new year and Google continues to keep it interesting. First it was Panda, then Penguin, then Hummingbird, and soon a Panda update focused on small business. Do you know what all these algorithm updates mean for you? Google continues to change the look of the search results. How does that affect the titles you are creating? Where does Bing and social media fit into the equation?

Important Fact: 93% of all buyers online or in stores use search engines prior to making a purchase. People want information and they want to find it fast. In order to take advantage of this with your inbound marketing, you need to understand how optimization works and what falls flat.

This session will address:

  • How do search engines work and why is optimization more important now than ever before?
  • What are the most effective SEO strategies for 2014 and beyond?
  • How can you leverage social media to improve your search rankings?
  • How to optimize specific types of content like video, images and news.

Our Guests:

  • Peter Loibl, Vice President & Publisher, Content Marketing Institute (@PeterLoibl)
  • Arnie Kuenn, President, Vertical Measures (@ArnieK)

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MarketoWhen Good Content Goes Bad: Extending the Shelf-Life on Your Content Marketing
On Demand | Free Webinar

Once you’ve learned how to create amazingly entertaining, inspiring, valuable content, the logical next question is: “How much do I have to make?” Not every marketing team has the bandwidth to create dozens of blog posts or ebooks every day, but even great content eventually goes bad – you’ve got to keep it fresh.

This webinar will cover strategies to keep your content smelling like roses, such as:

  • The keys to creating “Evergreen” content with distant expiration dates
  • Responding swiftly to news stories and pop culture with minty-fresh content
  • Using content calendars to anticipate and create relevant content for upcoming events
  • Giving older pieces a makeover – you’d be shocked by the difference a simple re-design can make

Our Guests:

  • Clare McDermott, Chief Editor, Chief Content Officer (@soloportfolio)
  • Maggie Jones, Content Marketing Specialist, Marketo (@maggiejonezzz)

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O_MarketingCloud_clrContent “After Shock”: 5 Ways to Combat Information Overload
On Demand | Free Webinar

One term has taken off this year: Content Shock. But what is the true magic formula for creating and distributing the perfect mix of relevant content for your customers and prospects?

To help you create content that your customers truly want, join our roundtable discussion about five ways to help your audience combat content shock:

  • How to find the right mix of quality vs. quantity of content.
  • How to use a variety of sources to create content your audience wants.
  • How to understand what content is working – and what’s not – so you can be the most relevant.
  • How to use content curation to help with information overload.
  • How to deal with the challenges of content proliferation which results in inefficient marketing processes and confusion for your customers.

Our Guests:

  • Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute (@JoePulizzi)
  • Doug Kessler, Co-Founder & Creative Director, Velocity (@dougkessler)
  • Chris Moody, Director of Corporate Communications, Oracle Eloqua (@cnmoody)

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Adobe Connect WebinarsHow to Deliver Immersive Content Experiences Using Webinars
On Demand | Free Webinar

Content Marketing is a hot technique to attract and retain customers by creating and curating valuable content. How do you do it well during a webinar? During this session, Dr. Carmen Simon shares the latest neuroscience findings on how to deliver an immersive content experience online. Specifically, you will learn about:

  • Interactivity. Unlike other forms of marketing, webinar participation renders itself to constant interactivity from customers through chat, polls, or downloads. You can use such interactive tools well when you decide to teach your own participants how to do something instead of promoting more of your capabilities.
  • Design. This is critical because good design (a combination of art, imagination, and science) is engaging, and creates and emotional bond with an audience. High quality images, copy, and composition lead to full immersion in your content.
  • Person vs. persona. Successful content marketing is personalized, not generalized. Learn how to do this even when you’re not seeing your audience.
  • Metrics. Once you’ve included the mandatory variables for optimal content, wouldn’t it be great if you could replicate that experience consistently, across many webinars? Let’s learn what metrics to use to maximize your content marketing efforts and precision.

Our Guests:

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on24  logo2014 Content Marketing Trends
On Demand | Free Webinar

Each year brings the promise of a new beginning. For Marketers, the biggest challenge is finding new ways to increase the effectiveness and reach of their content and programs. Join a panel discussion featuring Robert Rose, Chief Strategist for the Content Marketing Institute; Jason Stewart, VP of Marketing & Demand Generation, from ANNUITAS; and Mark Bornstein, Sr. Director of Content Marketing at ON24 as they discuss emerging content strategies and trends for 2014. Topics will include:

  • Content Strategy and Content Development trends in 2014
  • Increasing the reach of content offers through smarter distribution
  • Measuring the return of your content offers
  • Forthcoming trends and new technologies in the Content Marketing space

Our Guests:

  • Robert Rose, Chief Strategist, Content Marketing Institute (@Robert_Rose)
  • Jason Stewart, VP of Marketing & Demand Generation, ANNUITAS (@jstewart_1)
  • Mark Bornstein, Sr. Director, Content Marketing, ON24, Inc. (@4markb)

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act-onFive Technologies Content Marketers Can’t Ignore
On Demand | Free Webinar

Getting the right information to the right people, at the right time, in the right format, and in the right language is the goal of every professional content marketer. But, the pace of change is fast, and each and every step forward is often accompanied by two steps back. That’s because the speed of technological change is outstripping our ability to keep up. It seems we’re always playing catch up. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, for this informative, free, webinar showcasing five powerful information technology innovations that, when harnessed by professional content marketers, can help us future-proof our content marketing efforts and ensure we’re meeting – even exceeding – our goals.

Our Guests:

  • Peter Loibl, Vice President & Publisher, Content Marketing Institute (@PeterLoibl)
  • Scott Abel, Global Content Strategist (@scottabel)

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