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trackmaven-logoIs Content Marketing Collapsing Under its Own Weight?
Wednesday, December 10, 2014 | 2 PM ET/11 AM PT | Free Webinar

Marketers are in the midst of a content marketing arms race. More content is being created every day, and a myriad of technology options make it easier than ever to efficiently distribute that content to broad audiences.

But as it becomes easier to distribute content, more of that content is failing. According to new research from TrackMaven, a growing majority of professional marketing content fails to have an impact. In other words, marketers have become very good at distributing content, but not very good at creating content that is worth distributing.

In this webinar, Andrew Davis and Ian Walsh will outline and debate how we got to today’s tipping point for content marketing.They will also present data and case studies showing marketers how to get their content strategy back on line – starting at the content creation stage.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Understand just how saturated the content market has become (and why)
  • Learn how to use leading metrics to accurately predict the impact of content before it goes into market
  • See case studies of content marketing strategies that cut through the noise to reach and engage buyers

Our Guests:

  • Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute (@JoePulizzi​)
  • Andrew Davis, Author, Brandscaping (@TPLDrew)
  • Ian Walsh, CMO and Chief Marketing Maven, TrackMaven (@IanWalsh)

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dmcs_logo_blackCreating a Content Strategy with Data at the Core
Wednesday, December 17, 2014 | 2 PM ET/11 AM PT | Free Webinar

Content marketing has revolutionized the way brands speak to and engage their audiences. Done right, it can move the most active prospects and customers through every stage of their purchase lifecycle. But done blindly, without the insights to fuel a deep understanding of your audience, their objectives, and their behaviors, your content is doomed to fail.

Who are your ‘intenders’? Which topics are they most interested in? How do they discover this content, and on which devices? Which formats empower your audience to take action?

Join Demand Media and CMI to learn everything you need to know about designing, implementing and optimizing a smart content strategy with data at the core.

Our Guests:

  • Scott Lehr, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Content Solutions, Demand Media, (@smlehrDM)
  • Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute (@JoePulizzi​)

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ContentTECH_logoContentTECH 2015
February 25, 2015 at 10 AM EST | Free Full Day Webinar Series

It’s back! Join us again for ContentTECH – a FREE one-day event dedicated to how you can be more successful with your content marketing through the latest technology. Mark your calendars now and join us on February 25, 2015 at 10 AM EST and get your content marketing technology fix!
ContentTECH features:

  • Two keynote presentations from leading brand marketers
  • 6 sessions covering the latest technologies and trends across topics like content creation, workflow, automation, distribution and integration
  • Live chat sessions throughout the day with industry thought leaders
  • Access to technology experts to answer all your questions in the exhibit hall
  • Networking opportunities with industry peers>/li>
  • Free on-demand availability of the day’s events for 90 days

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act-on logoHow to Use Facebook Ads to Target the Right People with the Right Message at the Right Time — and CONVERT!
On Demand | Free Webinar

You see others benefitting from Facebook, but it just doesn’t lead to a positive ROI for your business. Regardless of what many will tell you, there is no easy button with Facebook — you aren’t guaranteed success by posting a certain way at a certain time and using a certain template. How you achieve success will be unique to your business. That said, there are several tools that the pros use, but you aren’t. The secrets to your success on Facebook are found within these tools.

During this session, we’ll discuss how to do the following with Facebook:

  • Learn more about your audience and the audiences of your competitors
  • Attract an audience that converts
  • Drive quality traffic to your website
  • Build an email list targeting the people most likely to convert
  • Selling your product targeting the people most likely to buy

Our Guests:

  • Jon Loomer, Facebook Marketing Strategist, Jon Loomer Digital (@JonLoomer)
  • Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute (@JoePulizzi​)

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brightcove-logo-horizontal-grey-newCase Study: Video Marketing Playbook
On Demand | Free Webinar

Don’t just play video marketing. Win with it. The Video Marketing Playbook webinar will show you how to use your video to reach, engage and convert customers — and get them to stay on your site.

In our latest research, about three-quarters of marketers report using video but only 54% of B2C and 60% of B2B marketers say it’s an effective tool. Discover how to be more successful with video. Learn the best practices to drive results and understand how to ensure video fits within your overall technology stack. See how companies like Salesforce’s ExactTarget are executing video-centric marketing strategies at scale.

Attend this webinar if you want to:

  • Discover the essential technologies for video marketing
  • Learn the best practices that get results
  • Keep customers engaged on your site

Our Guests:

  • Clare McDermott, Chief Editor, Chief Content Officer (@soloportfolio)
  • Paul Casinelli​, Director, Product Marketing, Digital Marketing Solutions, Brightcove (@​PaulCasinelli)

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icc_email_logoContent Marketing Meets Intelligent Content: The Making of “The Language of Content Strategy”
On Demand | Free Webinar

Time is in short supply. Deadlines are tight. Resources, even tighter. If you’re like most content professionals, you’ve got dozens of great ideas, but not enough time, money, and experience to bring them to life. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

In this content marketing meets intelligent content engineering case study, Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, will explain how he (and content strategy expert Rahel Anne Bailie) created the book, “The Language of Content Strategy” (XML Press) with the help of the crowd, structured XML content, a wiki, and a formal content strategy.

Attend this session to learn how two seasoned content strategists enlisted the help of 50 knowledgeable experts to create a printed book, an eBook, a companion website, and educational flash cards—in record time—all from a single source of intelligent content.


  • Discover why it’s imperative that content marketing professionals—regardless of their area of specialty—understand and leverage the power of advanced information development practices.
  • Leave knowing why a repeatable content production system, optimized for productivity, and designed to efficiently produce multiple content products simultaneously, is no longer an option, but rather, a necessity.

Our Guests:

  • Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute (@JoePulizzi)
  • Scott Abel, Author and Content Strategist, The Content Wrangler (@scottabel)
  • Heather Meza, Chief Content Alchemist, Content Marketing Institute (@HeatherMeza)

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Marketo_LogoWhat Not to Write: Makeover Your Content Creation
On Demand | Free Webinar

Today’s Content Marketer needs to be fashion-forward — no, not their attire (that’s a bonus), but in their approach to content strategy and creation. This webinar will take you through your own content closet and show you how to:

  • Choose content that flatters your brand
  • Invest in quality content assets, and make them last
  • Mix and match complementary content pieces
  • Identify trends and experiment with your content creation with confidence

Make your content snappy, coordinated and successful—Join Ellen Gomes, Content Marketing Specialist at Marketo for this live event!

Our Guests:

  • Peter Loibl, Vice President and Publisher, Content Marketing Institute (@PeterLoibl)
  • Ellen Gomes, Content Marketing Specialist, Marketo (@egomes1019)

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on24 logoThe New Way to Webinar​: From Presentation to Conversation
On Demand​ | Free Webinar

In content marketing, everything has changed. To be truly effective today, content isn’t just presented to an audience, it’s “experienced” through direct engagement, and one of the best ways to deliver engagement driven content is through webinars. Join CMI and ON24 for a demonstration and audience​-driven conversation about how to connect with your audience through direct engagement.

This unique webcast will highlight:

  • Creative ways to use interactive webinar tools
  • How to start engagement at the point of registration
  • How to turn webinars into social events
  • Keys to creating multidirectional conversation

​Our Guests:

  • Peter Loibl, VP and Publisher, Content Marketing Institute, @PeterLoibl
  • Mark Bornstein, Sr. Director of Content Marketing, ON24, @4markb

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Emma_Logo_HorizontalThe 8 Second Challenge
On Demand​ | Free Webinar

The human attention span is down to just eight seconds. (Whoa.) Combine that factoid with over-stuffed inboxes, and you have a recipe for getting lost in email marketing oblivion. Or maybe you don’t. Once you know the landscape, and even embrace it, you can use email to cut through the noise. During this session, experts from Emma will connect their email marketing expertise with what we know about user experience and cognitive behavior, all in the name of helping designers get the marketing results they’re looking for.

We’ll show you:

  • The latest stats on the effectiveness of email as your most personal digital marketing channel
  • How the human brain reacts, both emotionally and analytically, to images and text and what that means for a designer
  • Real-life examples of emails that got great results in spite of today’s shrinking attention spans and why they got them

Our Guests:

  • Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute (@JoePulizzi)
  • Cynthia Price, Director of Marketing, Emma, Inc.​ (​@emmaemail)
  • Christopher Lester, Vice President of Sales, Emma, Inc. (@emmaemail)

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ReadyTalkStart with a Webinar, End with a Full Content Pipeline
On Demand​ | Free Webinar

59% of marketers are using webinars in their B2B content marketing strategy. (Content Marketing Institute Benchmark Study, 2013) While they require a significant level of effort to produce, webinars can provide a great return on investment by filling your content pipeline. But how exactly do you do it? How do you prioritize what content to create? What types of content will get you the most bang for your buck?

Join CMI, ReadyTalk and a panel of marketing experts as they discuss their methods for filling their content pipeline by repurposing a great webinar. Attend and learn how to repurpose, reuse and then rejoice!

As a special bonus we’ll whet your appetite with a preview of CMI’s upcoming research.

Our Guests:

  • Robert Rose, Chief Strategist, Content Marketing Institute (@Robert_Rose)
  • Bo Bandy, Brand and Customer Advocacy Manager, ReadyTalk​ (​@Bo_Knows_)
  • Kira Sparks, Senior Content Manager​, Shoutlet, Inc.​​ (@kksparks)
  • Nadine Pyter, Director of Marketing​, SolarWind​s​​ (​@solarwinds)

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Marketo_LogoTaking the “Blah” out of Blogging: How to Build a Company Blog that Isn’t Boring
On Demand | Free Webinar

Blogs have graduated from “nice to have” to “must haves” for marketers. But is blogging a good fit for your business? What will you blog about? How often? How can you incorporate guest blogs and internal bloggers without losing quality control? Most importantly, how can you avoid creating another boring company blog? This webinar will cover the pros and cons of marketing blogs, as well as strategic best practices for keeping your blog not only up-and-running, but producing engagement and ROI.

Don’t miss this session with Marketo’s Maggie Jones, who will help you discover:

  • Why your business should have a blog
  • Writing and editing best practices
  • How to build an internal blogging program
  • Much more!

Our Guests:

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act-onReal-time Marketing Strategies: Do’s and Don’ts
On Demand | Free Webinar

According to a variety of latest studies, using real-time marketing (RTM) strategies increases customer’s interest and positivity about your brand, grows the number of recommendations, and heightens purchase consideration. RTM seems like a new phenomenon. The reality, however, is that it is nothing new. It is a way of thinking that goes to the heart of your brand’s values and creates human and meaningful conversation with consumers. RTM is about raising awareness, creating demand, and furthering the brand’s mission through connecting with right customers, in the right place, at the right time, through relevant content.

What is different are the channels marketers are using to connect with customer, as well as customers’ expectations of immediacy of response. What is different is the amount of digital noise that is increasing every year. To stand out from that noise, marketers need to be responsive, flexible, and creative like never before. In this webinar, Ekaterina Walter will present the data, the examples, and do’s and don’ts of real-time marketing.

Copies of Ekaterina’s new book “The Power of Visual Storytelling: How to Use Visuals, Videos, and Social Media to Market Your Brand” will be given away to 5 random webinar attendees!

Our Guests:

  • Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute (@JoePulizzi)
  • Ekaterina Walter, Author and Strategic Advisor (@Ekaterina)

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on24 logoThe Future of Content Marketing
On Demand | Free Webinar

It’s time to look deep into CMI’s crystal ball as our quartet of industry thought leaders discuss the “Future of Content Marketing.” Not only will we look at some past predictions (and maybe get a good laugh), but we will be debating some of YOUR predictions, submitted by YOU specifically for this special webinar. Think of it like a crowd sourced webinar – interactive, fun and all about YOU!

Register today to take advantage of access to our expert panel and the opportunity to have YOUR predictions and questions batted around the roundtable. And, to whet your fortune-telling appetite, here is a look at CMI’s “50 Content Marketing Predictions for 2014“.

Don’t miss out, register today!

Our Guests:

  • Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute (@JoePulizzi)
  • Andrew Davis, Author, Brandscaping (@TPLDrew)
  • Robert Rose, Chief Strategist, Content Marketing Institute (@Robert_Rose)
  • Mark Bornstein, Sr. Director of Content Marketing, ON24 (@4markb)

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brightcove-logo-horizontal-grey-newHow to Drive Engagement in a World of Content Overload
On Demand | Free Webinar

Content Marketing is a critical part of every best-in-class marketer’s strategy, but are we suffering from too much of it? As marketers, how do you create content that is relevant and timely for your customers?

Join Brightcove for a compelling conversation on ways marketers can work smarter and develop engaging content that increases conversion rates on every device. You’ll hear how ExactTarget set themselves apart from their competition, doubled time on site, and increased website conversion rates just by implementing a dynamic video rich marketing strategy.

This webinar will cover:

  • Content overload and what that means for you and your customers
  • How to break through the noise with meaningful content that engages and converts customers
  • Tons of real world examples for every industry on what content is working for them and why
  • How video improved ExactTarget’s website visitor engagement with brands and products and reduced page bounce rates by 12%

Our Guests:

  • Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute (@JoePulizzi)
  • Steve Rotter, VP of Marketing, Brightcove (@sjrotter)

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