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50+ Blogs, Newsletters, Podcasts, and Video Channels Favored by Marketers

You’re busy enough doing the work. You don’t have the time to search for content that can help your content and marketing.

So, we asked the CMI community in our newsletter and on social media for their favorites. We also pitched marketers on Qwoted to share their top picks.

And they didn’t disappoint, providing over 50 go-to resources in the form of blogs, newsletters, podcasts, and video channels. Here’s what they had to share. (We grouped them by content type in alphabetical order.)


Content Marketing Institute

The CMI blog is a must-read for anyone looking to stay on top of the latest digital marketing trends, and it provides practical tips for creating engaging content. I especially love how the CMI integrates expert insights with real-world scenarios, allowing our team to implement the strategies in our daily workflows. It’s not just a theory; it’s real-world advice that impacts our marketing strategy. — Diana Zheng, head of marketing, Stallion Express

CMI covers a wide variety of topics and lets me stay up to date with current trends and happenings in the industry. Professional but entertaining, it’s mostly neutral regarding the trends, which helps me form my own opinion based on facts, not overhyped as many marketing resources out there. — Sabina Muminovic, content marketing manager, GenePlanet


For educational sites, I like Copyblogger a lot. It has much to offer those new to the field but offers some refresher items for me in the copywriting and academy courses. The blog has reviews of other courses that are helpful, and it includes everything I need to know about courses, including pricing. I can keep up with education easily without having to do all the research into the best, updated courses. — Baruch Labunski, CEO, Rank Secure


They generally have solid information about such a wide array of topics in sales and marketing, and even if they aren’t all directly relevant to my job, anything there can at least in some way influence my thinking about my job. — Emma Lieberman, content manager, Impact Networking


Moz blog is my trusted source for diving deep into all things SEO. Their core focus on search engine optimization allows them to provide unmatched education through in-depth guides, case studies, and experiments. Reading Moz teaches me how to research keywords, structure sites, fix technical issues, and truly master SEO to maximize my clients’ visibility. Their insights are invaluable. — Alex Adekola, CEO and founder, Ready Adjuster


An instant standout is a specific blog post from OnCrawl on topical authority. It’s a little lengthy but incredibly helpful. We use it as part of the onboarding for the agency. This blog makes the subject of topical authority understandable because of how it breaks down each step for the reader while also sharing case study data and important insights. — Cameron Harvey, digital marketing executive, and Rupert Morris, founder and managing director, The Munro Agency

Orbit Media Studios

Andy Crestodina always shares practical advice in his blog, as well. I’m a long-time Andy fan! — Michelle Garrett, consultant, Garrett Public Relations

Search Engine Roundtable

Barry and his team have been covering all things digital and SEO for over 20 years. It is the most reliable source of intel. — Steve Peron, co-founder, Collective42

Search Engine Land

If I’m looking for information about how to do this or that with SEO or pay-per-click, I’ll probably end up reading something on SEL. — Mark Whittaker, owner, Whitmark Digital

SEO Book

He posts once or twice a year, but they are epic pieces breaking down the industry. — Steve Peron, co-founder, Collective42

Search Engine Journal

SEJ is the ultimate insider resource when it comes to staying current with the constantly evolving world of SEO … They break down and analyze all the new announcements, trends, and changes that we need to know about. Whether it’s understanding a new Google patent or reacting quickly to a core algorithm update, SEJ translates what it means for SEO strategy. They also do a great job spotlighting niche areas like voice search, e-commerce SEO, content strategy, and more with actionable tips. The contributors are all seasoned practitioners who test theories in the real world. — Edlyn Collanto, B2B marketing research specialist, UpCity

Sword and the Script

Frank Strong does SO much legwork to look at the technology in the PR and comms fields and also reviews published studies. It’s so valuable to me in my work. I often quote/link to his work in my own blog, newsletter, and presentations. — Michelle Garrett, consultant, Garrett Public Relations

Trust Insights

They are my go-to source for analytics and AI. The information is great, but I’ve also worked with them directly on a few projects, so I know they walk the walk. They also publish my go-to newsletter, podcast, and video for the subject. — Brooke B. Sellas, CEO, B Squared Media


Axios Communicators

Axios Communicators newsletter by Eleanor Hawkins is one of my favorites. She covers trending stories in the communications/PR world and shares insightful takes from leaders she interviews. — Michelle Garrett, consultant, Garrett Public Relations

Content Marketing Institute

CMI because it’s an authority in the field, provides trusted information, and asks intriguing questions that make me think. Honorary mentions include theSkimm (awesome writing), The Cult of Copy (refreshingly different tone of voice), and Psychology of Marketing and Growth・Design (all of them teaching me something new/useful, nice case studies). — Sabina Muminovic, content marketing manager, GenePlanet

Famous Campaigns

For me, this is just pure joy, being able to see how creativity can move the needle for a campaign while being part of the cultural zeitgeist. — Methuselah Marava, digital marketing executive, upMention

Growth Daily by Marketing Max

It speaks to the business of running a marketing agency. There are ways to hire, people to meet, tactics to deploy, and even the best creative executions to add to your swipe file. — Robert Brill, CEO, Brill Media

This newsletter shares highly relevant topics around marketing, social media, and industry updates. This is a fantastic newsletter to read to stay up to date on all things content marketing. — Morgan Goettge, founder,

The Hustle

They have a huge variety of business and tech news, marketing and sales resources, and random fun links. Their voice in their writing stands out for being so casual and filled with personality yet knowledgeable, like the John Oliver of newsletters. And even if what they’re writing about isn’t at all related to anything I do professionally, it’s always interesting. — Emma Lieberman, content manager, Impact Networking

Lenny’s Newsletter

It’s an email that you want to read (imagine that!) because it’s packed with insights that you can apply directly to your work, not just filler content to make you feel like you’re staying on top of trends. The newsletter is straightforward, to the point, and devoid of the usual clichés that plague most marketing advice. — Edvardas Mikalauskas, senior content marketing manager, Omnisend

Marketing Brew

The daily newsletter provides the latest news and insights into the marketing world. What I appreciate about Marketing Brew is its ability to distill complex marketing trends and news into digestible, actionable insights. It covers a wide range of topics, from SEO strategies to the latest in social media marketing, all of which are crucial to my role. The newsletter also features interviews with industry leaders, providing unique perspectives and valuable advice. It’s a must-read for me, as it keeps me informed and helps me stay ahead in the fast-paced world of marketing. — Vicki Morillo, head of marketing,

MarketingProfs Today

They usually include quite a few resources spanning several topics. I appreciate this structure because not every resource or topic is applicable to my efforts. By offering options for webinars, articles, reports, and more, I can determine which areas I should focus on.

I also appreciate that they don’t limit themselves to just content. They regularly address adjacent fields like PR and comms, AI, training, and more marketing strategies. In an industry that is bound to always need fresh perspectives in order to grow and test the boundaries, tying other issues into the content marketing field is a fantastic way to get people thinking outside the box. — Sydney Lamoureux, content lead, Leadhub

MKT1 Newsletter

Emily Kramer started it as a newsletter for product marketing managers, but it now covers so much more. I love that the content feels very relatable, giving you the idea you’re not the only person who faces a particular challenge. It also gives you tips and tools on how to approach it. — Daria Kepa-Green, marketing director, Cytora

Morning Brew

Some time ago, I signed up for Morning Brew, a marketing newsletter, which is a fine read addition to the morning coffee break. It is compact, contains trending news from the US and the world, and is my daily dose of information to keep up with the events taking place in the world of marketing.

I also love that Morning Brew contains a “brain activator,” usually a short and quick crossword or some other mini-puzzle, which gives you the endorphin boost and helps you get in the day with a sharp mind. — Jan Kawecki, founder and marketing manager,

Muck Rack Daily

It gives a rundown of the headlines and takes from journalists. — Michelle Garrett, consultant, Garrett Public Relations

Playing Favorites

Jay Acunzo is a dude who gets it about writing, storytelling, and connection, and it fully does not matter that it’s for business rather than art. I absolutely have not stopped talking about him and his ideas since I saw him at Content Marketing World this past year, and I’m sure my team is getting sick of it, but he’s right about the core metric being resonance rather than reach. — Emma Lieberman, content manager, Impact Networking

Search News You Can Use

Marie Haynes’ newsletter, podcast, and The Search Bar are by far the best content that I keep up with each week. She covers a myriad of topics but has mainly been focused on SEO and AI. Her newsletter is a must because you can learn the most up-to-date information about the marketing industry, and it covers all of the changes, no matter how big or small. — Brittany Betts, CMO,

Stacked Marketer

They do a great job summing up the hottest topics in the last 24 hours. I believe they are internationally based, so you get a worldly view of digital marketing. — Steve Peron, co-founder, Collective42

Total Annarchy

Ann Handley’s newsletter is educational, beautifully written, and flat-out fun. Her newsletter is a model for how I’d like to write my email newsletters. — Mark Whittaker, owner, Whitmark Digital

Very Good Copy

It is the embodiment of storytelling, with always fresh perspectives, actionable tips, and advice, and so, so human and relatable. — Sabina Muminovic, content marketing manager, GenePlanet

Multiple picks

Adam P. Newton, manager at NRG, says he enjoys the newsletters created by Jay Acunzo (Playing Favorites), Ann Handley (Total Annarchy), Ted Gioia (The Honest Broker), Kristin Kobes Du Mez (Du Mez Connections), and CMI. He likes the topics discussed, the writing style, and their respective frequencies. As a writer, I’m drawn to other writers and how they use their voices to communicate with their readers. Yes, the content is important, but I’m more drawn to how people share than what they’re sharing,” he says.

In addition to MarketingProfs, Sydney Lamoureux says, “The CMI newsletters will always be pillars of inspiration and news for me, along with big industry leaders like SEJ and The Tilt.”

Heidi Cohen of the Actionable Marketing Guide Newsletter says she’s a fan of Joe Pulizzi’s Orangeletter, Ann Handley’s Total Annarchy, Scott Monty’s Timeless and Timely, John Warner’s The Biblioracle Recommends, and Austin Kleon’s newsletter.


Agents of Change

Agents of Change was the first podcast I ever listened to on the topic of digital marketing. I loved the host, Rich Brooks, and his ability to really engage his guests. I also loved that the guests were practitioners themselves and that they provided actionable insights for smaller accounts, not just companies with deep pockets. I loved the podcast so much that I traveled to Portland, Maine, seven years ago to attend the Agents of Change Conference and got to meet the host and several of the podcast guests in person. — Lindsey Black, director of marketing, (un)Common Logic


Even though this podcast is on a long streak of running archived episodes, I like the way Seth Godin presents information in ways I don’t often think about. — Mark Whittaker, owner, Whitmark Digital

GaryVee Audio Experience

Gary Vaynerchuk’s insights into the world of marketing and entrepreneurship are invaluable. His unique perspective, combined with his experience in building businesses, provides a wealth of knowledge. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, from social media strategy to customer engagement, all of which are relevant to my role. It’s a must-listen for me because it keeps me updated on the latest trends and provides actionable tips that I can apply in my work. — Vicki Morillo, head of marketing,

The Edward Show

Edward Sturm is a tech tinkerer and growth hacker who really pokes around the edges of social media platforms to find opportunities. — Robert Brill, CEO, Brill Media

Lenny’s Podcast

The podcast dives into marketing strategies that work without the usual fluff or overhyped promises. Lenny doesn’t pretend to have all the answers or claim to revolutionize your marketing overnight. Instead, the podcast offers grounded, practical tips that can help you improve your content strategy and see better results. It’s refreshingly honest and surprisingly practical, making it a rare find in a swamp of marketing mediocrity. — Edvardas Mikalauskas, senior content marketing manager, Omnisend

Market Your Genius

Overall, I find myself going to Market Your Genius more often than other podcasts because it covers a range of topics. It has guests, and the host does well in taking a deeper look at the subject. I really liked the one about making great sales and the other about creating leaders within your company. — Baruch Labunski, CEO, Rank Secure

Marketing School Podcast

The dynamic Neil Patel and Eric Siu host a fast-paced show that’s ideal for busy professionals. They discuss various marketing topics, and I take notes on their podcast during my commute. Practical advice and industry insights they provide fit perfectly with our marketing goals, helping us stay ahead of the competition. — Diana Zheng, head of marketing, Stallion Express

I really like this podcast because the episodes aren’t too long, and all of the topics are highly relevant to current trends. — Morgan Goettge, founder,

Revenue Vitals

Revenue Vitals changed the way I look at marketing. It was the first content piece I came across that articulated the issue nearly every marketer struggles with—the marketing-qualified lead. When the MQL metric was created, it was incredibly useful but over time it degraded and became the goal as opposed to means to a goal. The team at Revenue Vitals share a wealth of information and always provide an interesting point of view on marketing strategy, tactics, and channels. — Daria Kepa-Green, marketing director, Cytora

Scrappy ABM

Scrappy ABM is a newer one for me. As I’m in marketing for a small- to medium-sized business, I love the host’s approach to using the tools you already have to implement an effective ABM strategy. Many ABM-focused podcasts advocate purchasing expensive tools that take at least six months to implement, whereas this one gives you “plays” you can implement right away. — Lindsey Black, director of marketing, (un)Common Logic



If you’re looking for help with Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager, Julius Federowicz’s videos have the answers. — Mark Whittaker, owner, Whitmark Digital

HubSpot Academy

I can’t ignore the importance of HubSpot Academy’s YouTube channel in the video world. Not only do they provide deep dives into marketing concepts, but they also offer step-by-step tutorials. Whether you’re just starting or an experienced marketer looking to improve your marketing skills, they’ve got you covered. — Diana Zheng, head of marketing, Stallion Express

Semrush YouTube channel

It is a game-changer for honing my SEO skills and learning the latest best practices. The step-by-step video tutorials are incredibly valuable for understanding the platform’s diverse features. But more importantly, Semrush’s experts reveal optimization and content creation strategies to improve my clients’ findability and traffic. Implementing just a few tips has already moved the needle on rankings and conversion rates. — Alex Adekola, CEO and founder, Ready Adjuster

Social Media Examiner

The channel primarily focuses on social media marketing. I like this channel because it features a variety of experts who focus on different aspects of social media. — Morgan Goettge, founder,

Other go-to resources

Santi Clarke, director of content and communication at Duda, says she likes to explore alternative routes for marketing upskilling. “I have found the Marketing AI Institute Community on Slack to be a valuable resource for marketers looking to keep pace with the rapid rate of change in AI and marketing. It’s a great place to get the latest AI news, tools, and strategies, as well as connect with like-minded marketers,” she says.

Christopher S. Penn, chief data scientist at, is a fan of B Squared Media’s customer experience content that shows up in its newsletter, blog, and Brooke Bytes YouTube channel. He also enjoys the Social Media Examiner’s podcast Marketing Agency Show.

Several nominators focused on the individual rather than the content brand. Michelle Garrett says Gini Dietrich of Spin Sucks is a must-follow on LinkedIn for her helpful articles.

Sabina Muminovic cites anything written by Robert Rose, “I love his non-nonsense approach, balanced and backed-by-arguments point of view, and many useful pieces of advice. Always a delight to read his thoughts.”

What do you think? Share your go-to resources with the CMI community. Tag us on social or join the CMI Slack channel.

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