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Digital Magazines: Worth a Look? - An Interview

An interview with Marcus Grimm, a marketing executive with NXTbook Media, offers some interesting applications for marketers and publishers to consider. Take a look at Grimm's view of the evolving digital publishing landscape.

Is Everything Becoming Custom?

An article on living in "Bigdealville," points out that banner ads won't cut it if the advertiser really wants to engage the user. Custom integration is key to any online program. Here are a couple takeaways.

Does Cisco's Content Microsite Miss the Mark?

Some thoughts on Cisco's recently launched microsite on the human network concept. Site is professional and easy to navigate. Here are other pros and cons.

Custom Media vs. Content Marketing

An informal survey of colleagues in the media/marketing industries shows the term "content marketing" growing in use. We'll keep checking back to see if the trend continues.

Custom Publishing: A Long Way to Go

Consumers are smarter than ever, and are only going to consume valuable content. It's an evolution for custom publishing, but we need to get beyond the negativity.

Bringing Sexy Back: The Eight Steps to Content Marketing Bliss

Knowing your customers’ wants and needs gives you the opportunity to create not only a sexy marketing campaign, but one that actually changes behavior. Use these 8 proactive steps to make value-based content marketing a reality for your organization.

Custom Publishing: Second-Rate Content?

Many publishers are dismissing the importance and impact of content marketing. Today's publishers need to offer custom publishing marketing services for their customers -- or face watching this large revenue stream go elsewhere.

Content: The Future of B2B Marketing

Marketers of small, medium and large corporations are the content providers of the future. Make content your focus as you plan your next B2B marketing strategy.

Can Marketers Launch Vertical Search?

As a marketer, creating a vertical search community or forum can be a dicey activity at best. Here are some considerations for marketers and publishers to keep in mind.

American Eagle's Try at Entertainment Marketing

American Eagle's entertainment marketing venture, a comedy series, is on the right track. Good content, targeted to a certain audience, is today's brand driver.

Is Your Company Communicating Just to Sell?

Focusing all communications around a sell can be detrimental to the long-term relationship you're trying to create with customers. Consider how you can expand your communication strategy.

Spend More on Internal Marketing

Interaction with employees is a key relationship for your customers. So, it's essential that employees have a firm grasp of your company's brand and mission. A CMO's success depends on having employees involved in the marketing mix.