By Content Marketing Institute Team published April 21, 2023

Google Did a Cookie-Free Experiment. Should the Results Matter to You?

Even though third-party data crumbs still leave trails to follow, Google expects – and experiments – for a cookie-less future. Should you adjust your content marketing to their findings, or should you do something else? Continue reading

By Dawn Papandrea published April 20, 2023

Government Agencies Get Real, Funny, and Human on Social Media [Examples]

Bureaucratic content usually causes people to keep scrolling. But these local, state, and federal agencies have found an antidote, creatively connecting with their constituents by humanizing their content. Continue reading

By Robert Rose published April 19, 2023

Where Should Your Customer Journey Start? [New Demand Generation Research]

Content marketing for demand generation programs took a hit in the past year. Find out the potential reasons why and more about how marketers view and use the strategy in the newly released 2023 demand generation research from CMI. Continue reading

By Robert Rose published April 18, 2023

For a Better Customer Experience, Make Your Buying Process Less Efficient (Yes, Really) [Rose-Colored Glasses]

Over the last two decades, marketers have worked hard to reduce or remove friction in the buying process. But what if that’s a mistake? A recent delivery from Domino’s prompts Robert Rose to explain why. Continue reading

By Content Marketing Institute Team published April 14, 2023

Why the Martech Debate Only Delivers Wrong Answers

An Oracle executive recently declared a unified platform beats a best-of-breed collection. But he, like every person on either side of the debate in the past 20 years, got it wrong. Here’s why. Continue reading

By Darek Black published April 13, 2023

Write Like You Talk: 12 Tips for Conversational Content

Engage your readers in a conversation with this writing advice, from breaking grammar laws to crafting simpler sentences. Continue reading

By Jodi Harris published April 12, 2023

How To Get Your Audience To Give Their Data for Personalized Content

If consumers find personalized content valuable, they’re likely to exchange their personal data for it. Follow these tips to foster that environment and gain helpful information to create even more customized content. Continue reading

By Robert Rose published April 11, 2023

How a Weak Point of View Sabotages Your Content – and What To Do About It [Rose-Colored Glasses]

The authors of an open letter from the Future of Life Institute damaged their own message when they didn’t help readers realize their best next experience. Continue reading

By JD Metz published April 11, 2023

Get Executive Buy-in for Content Marketing (Even in an Economic Downturn) [Sponsored]

Content marketing programs can face big cuts when the chips are down. Here’s how to prove your value to executive stakeholders and preserve your budget. Continue reading

By Content Marketing Institute Team published April 7, 2023

Copyright Guidance Gives Content Marketers an Easy Decision on AI vs. Human Content

Behind all the headlines around AI-generative content news in recent weeks is a memo from the U.S. Copyright Office. It should prompt content marketers to make more deliberate decisions about who or what creates content. Continue reading