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Original CMI E-Books

Want an in-depth look into relevant content marketing topics? These original Content Marketing Institute e-books are a great place to start.


Content Marketing Career and Salary Outlook for 2024

Find out how your salary stacks up against others in similar content marketing roles and geographical regions so you can build a case for the salary you deserve.

35 Examples of Brands That Are Winning With Content

Understanding why some content campaigns rise above the others is no small feat. Our latest examples collection breaks it all down for you, including the core elements of success and how you can use them to reach your own content goals.

Content Marketing Writing Secrets: Better, Stronger, Faster

Mastering content marketing writing takes time and practice. No magic formula can guarantee creative ideas. No technology automatically turns rough drafts into polished content that keeps audiences hanging on your every word and asking for more. But you can improve with the systems, exercises, and tips in this guide.

Build a Stronger Pipeline With Content: Unlock the Power of Sales and Marketing Collaboration

The ability to produce high-performing sales-enablement content starts with smooth collaboration between sales and marketing. Download this e-book, sponsored by DemandScience, to learn effective ways to overcome the knowledge gaps, strategic disconnects, and process-related obstacles that prevent these two teams from working well together.

A Quick-Start Guide to Operations Planning: Help Your Content Engine Work Smarter, Not Harder
Running a high-performance content engine takes a lot of work. But a detailed content operations plan makes it all doable. Download this e-book, sponsored by Arc XP, to learn how to create a plan that gives you the clear strategic focus, team alignment, optimized processes, and technological support you need for smoother operations.View Here



The Essentials of a Documented Content Marketing Strategy: 36 Questions to Answer
The most effective content marketers have something in common: a documented content marketing strategy. Our complete guide will show you how to develop this key document for your organization.

View Here

Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program

Follow this series of easy-to-complete, practical exercises to establish a scalable content marketing program from the ground up.

View Here

The CMI Content Marketing Framework: 5 Building Blocks for Profitable, Scalable Operations
Marketers have become successful at making the case for content. Now we need to slow down so we can get better at it. Learn how to run more successful, scalable, and strategic operations with CMI’s eBook.

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