Building Your Audience

If Your Content Marketing is for Everybody, It’s for Nobody

Quick test: Who’s the audience for your blog? Your eNewsletter? Your podcast? Your enterprise may have two, three, four or more audiences you are trying to target with the same content initiative. How’s that working for you? Learn the four questions all members of your content marketing team need taped to their foreheads.


By Bethany Johnson published April 30, 2018
How Content Can Create a Self-Sustaining Customer Referral Engine

By Catalin Zorzini published April 27, 2018
The 1-2-3-4 Content Strategy to Drive Leads From Instagram Marketing

By Ann Gynn published April 10, 2018
Are Buyer Personas Just Nicer Words for Stereotypes?

By Robert Rose published April 3, 2018
An Alternative Approach to Developing Content Marketing Personas

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