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G2WebinarThe Lazy Marketers Guide to Runaway Webinar Success
Wednesday, May 30, 2018 | 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time | Free Webinar

Ever planned an event and compulsively checked the RSVPs? Endlessly prepared for your big moment only to find your heart in your throat as you step onto the stage? Webinars are an emotional rollercoaster. Exhilarating when you come out on top. Dispiriting when things go awry. Well, don’t resign yourself to fate just yet. We’ve got good news. Analyzing 350,890 webinars in excruciating detail, we’ve found the 9 immutable laws that will make your webinars a runaway success.

You will learn:

  • The scientifically proven best dates & times to host webinars
  • The promotion tactics that drive more registrants
  • A cheat sheet to shortcut straight to webinar success

Our Guests:

  • Daniel Waas, Director of Marketing, GoToWebinar (@DanielWaas)
  • Stephanie Stahl, General Manager, Content Marketing Institute (@EditorStahl)

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ON24_logo_17Content Amplified: Crafting A Digital Conversation
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

Search intent and organic traffic will only get you so far. They’re important, sure, but what happens once that traffic hits your pages? If your content doesn’t convert visitors, you can’t show ROI. How can you get the right traffic to your content and prompt them to take the next step?

The answer lies in fitting the puzzle of paid social, influencer marketing, and lead nurture techniques together in just the right way.

Join us on May 16, when Erik Solan, Director of Amplified Content at Vertical Measures, shows you how. You’ll learn:

  • Why you must know your goal (and how you’ll measure it) in order to choose the right channel mix
  • The best ways to identify gaps in your content promotion approach
  • How to develop and test your sponsored social offers
  • Where to find the right influencers and how best to use them
  • Tips for lead nurturing, including setting up the right segments, workflows and tests

Don’t miss this inside look at how to amplify your content – and your results. Register today!

Our Guests:

  • Erik Solan, Director of Amplified Content, Vertical Measures (@verticalmeasure)
  • Stephanie Stahl, General Manager, Content Marketing Institute (@EditorStahl)

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Hightail-is-now-OpenText-Transitional-Logo-horizontal-black-RGB-FINALWEBThe Muse Is an Excuse: Improving Creativity in Content Marketing
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

Aren’t you tired of talking about why creativity matters? We get it: It matters. Nobody has ever copied their way to standing out. But rarely do we take a hard look at what it actually takes to create better content or to use and improve our innate creative abilities.

Join us for a live, interactive discussion with Jay Acunzo, founder of Unthinkable Media, ex-Google and HubSpot, and one of the world’s most creative content marketers. As last year’s Content Marketing World opening keynote speaker, Jay understands what it takes to execute on creativity, not simply drown in ideas and theory. Jay will deliver a short presentation for us, followed by a bonus Ask Me Anything session!

Participate in the discussion to:

  • Learn simple techniques you can use day-to-day to improve your skills
  • Learn how you can convince others to take small steps (think: spicing up a white paper) or big leaps (think: embracing new ways to go to market) away from stale practices
  • Ask Jay anything you want to ask about creativity in content marketing

CMI creative director Joseph Kalinowski will ask Jay all the audience questions that time allows.

Our Guests:

  • Jay Acunzo, Founder, Unthinkable Media (@jayacunzo)
  • Joseph Kalinowski, Creative Director, Content Marketing Institute (@jkkalinowski)
  • Stephanie Stahl, General Manager, Content Marketing Institute (@EditorStahl)

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ON24_logo_17Webinar Benchmarks Report 2018
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

You want your webinars to be the best — but what really goes into the best webinars? We looked at over 19,000 webinars to find out, and the results were surprising.

On Wednesday, April 25th, we’re going to reveal ON24’s “Webinar Benchmarks Report 2018.” In this live, interactive webinar, we’ll cover best practices and key industry benchmarks, including:

  • Webinar registration and attendance
  • Best times and days to deliver webinars
  • Average audience size and viewing times
  • On-demand webinar viewing habits

To measure success, you have to know what success looks like. Register now and learn the best practices for successful webinars.

Our Guests:

  • Mark Bornstein, VP of Content Marketing, ON24 (@4markb)
  • Stephanie Stahl, General Manager, Content Marketing Institute (@EditorStahl)

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logoAcrolinxBlack_new_March2016How To Get Started with Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

Artificial Intelligence has reached peak hype stage, but is it possible that its potential to transform marketing, and your career, is even greater than advertised?

Go beyond the splashy headlines to explore a framework that makes AI approachable and actionable for every marketer. AI can be your competitive advantage. It can give you superpowers. But, you have to know how to get started.

This session walks you through the 5 P’s of the AI model and presents a collection of use cases and technologies to make your marketing more (artificially) intelligent.

Our Guests:

  • Paul Roetzer, Founder, PR 20/20 (@paulroetzer)
  • Stephanie Stahl, General Manager, Content Marketing Institute (@EditorStahl)

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ON24_logo_17Audience First: 12 Steps to Guide Your “Heroes” on Their Journey
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

Here’s the worst-kept secret in marketing: Your audience doesn’t care about your products and services. They care about themselves. That’s why content marketers who want results must make their audience – not their brand – the hero of every story. Yet the pressure to promote brand and products can seem relentless. An audience-journey model, based on the classic hero’s journey, can help you resist that pressure by aligning your content with your audience’s needs. Tune in to this webinar for Carlijn Postma’s step-by-step guide to making the model pay off for your audience and, ultimately, your brand.

You’ll learn:

  • The 12-step framework for leading your audience through their journey
  • Real-world applications and examples of the audience-journey model
  • How to map your own audience journey (downloadable template included)

Our Guests:

  • Carlijn Postma, Founder and Content Strategist, The Post (@carlijnpostma)
  • Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Advisor, Content Marketing Institute (@Robert_Rose)

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logoAcrolinxBlack_new_March2016Improve the Impact of Your Content Marketing Program with Artificial Intelligence
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

Artificial intelligence is making content creation and governance easier and smarter. How? By providing virtual editorial guidance, based on your unique brand standards, to improve the clarity, consistency and performance of your content.

Join Content Marketing Institute and Acrolinx for a live webinar on how AI can radically improve your content creation process and lead to better, more impactful content.

Your key takeaways:

  • The four pillars of success for effective content creation
  • Why content governance is critical for better-performing content
  • Outcomes (measurable results) you can expect when content is on-brand and on-target
  • How AI can help you transform your content before you publish it (think predictive analytics!)

Our Guests:

  • Christopher P. Willis, Chief Marketing Officer, Acrolinx (@cpwillis)
  • Stephanie Stahl, General Manager, Content Marketing Institute (@EditorStahl)

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Contenttech_Stacked_NewContentTECH 2018
Now Available On Demand | FREE VIRTUAL EVENT

Join us for our On Demand version of our FREE one-day virtual event dedicated to content marketing technology.

Opening Keynote with Rohit Bhargava, author of Non-Obvious 2018 Edition: How to Predict Trends and Win The Future will present “How To (Actually) Predict The Future and Use Trends to Drive Customer Engagement”
Buy Rohit’s book here.

Closing Keynote with Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Orbit Media Studios, will present “Higher Rankings in Less Time Through Data and Repurposing”

  • Advanced Email Marketing with Jessica Best, Director of Data-Driven Marketing at Barkley – Data That Drive Email Marketing Relevance … and Revenue!
  • Digital Marketing with Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Advisor at CMI and Stuart Eccles, Chief Product Officer, Percolate – Content Marketing’s Technology Challenge
  • Workflow with Claire Burge, Entrepreneur, speaker and CEO at WNDYR and Nishant Taneja, AVP Product Marketing, Wrike – 3 Little-Known Workflow Game-Changers
  • Demand Generation with Tom Martin, Author, The Invisible Sale and Stephanie Mansueto, Content Strategist, ion interactive – Google-Proof Your Content and Create Lead Gen Programs that Drive Results
  • Sales Enablement with Matt Heinz, Founder, Heinz Marketing and Theresa O’Neil, VP of Marketing, Showpad – Marketing’s Forgotten Channel – Sales
  • Social Media with Ekaterina Walter, Author, Think Like Zuck – Experience-Obsessed: Scaling a Thriving Global Enterprise in the Consumer-Empowered World

You’ll also have access to technology experts, networking and access on demand for 90-days. See here for full agenda.

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ON24_logo_17Webinar Marketing Predictions for 2018
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

In the age of digital marketing, webinars have become the primary way that companies engage their audiences – in a human way. But webinar marketing is changing fast, are you ready for what’s next?

Register for an demand access to “Webinar Marketing Predictions for 2018” where VP of Content Marketing for ON24, and webinar expert, Mark Bornstein, will give you a look into the future of webinar marketing and highlight how you can supercharge your webinar programs in the new year. This is your chance to stay ahead of your competitors and make sure that your webinars, and your brand, are ready for the future.

Percolate_logo_orange_revWhat is a Content Marketing Platform? An Introduction to an Essential Solution for B2B Marketers
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

For marketers at B2B companies, crafting a solid content strategy for long-term growth is only one element of the challenge of brand building today. For most, implementing the tools and processes that enable your strategy to be executed at scale is the far greater hurdle – one that few enterprise organizations have truly mastered. Content Marketing Platforms (CMPs) are a category of marketing technology that has emerged in the last decade to solve this very problem. Join Percolate’s Senior Director of Product Strategy, Craig Breslawski for this introduction on all there is to know about CMPs.

logo_searchmetrics_webversionHow to Use Search Data to Audit Your Content
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

Do you know your audience? As the search space gets smaller, and the queries grow vast and wide…it is important now more than ever to build content based on topical relevance, user intent and most importantly, content that ranks! Join us for this special Content Marketing Institute webinar, featuring our in-house Content Experience Expert Jasleen Kals so that you can cash in on your content cow this year by learning how.

conductor2018 Content & SEO Predictions
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

2018 has challenges ahead: leading your team, your organization, and the industry to ever greater heights, adding more value to customers’ lives. Content & SEO are constantly changing, and if you’re planning to have a killer 2018, it never hurts to cultivate a little foresight.

Join Robert Rose, Seth Besmertnik, and Wil Reynolds as they discuss their 2018 Content & SEO Predictions and the coming changes in our industry.

Emma_Logo_HorizontalThe Best Email Marketing of 2017
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

We see A LOT of email here at Emma, and these are hands down some of the best of 2017. Join Senior Content Writer Jeff Slutz as he breaks down our favorite email campaigns of the year and make predictions on the strategies successful marketers will be using in 2018 and beyond.

You’ll learn design tips top brands are using to stand out in the inbox, content strategies to maximize engagement and conversion rates, and how to achieve the highest possible email ROI in 2018.

G2WebinarFrom Start to Finish: Being Compelling In Your Virtual Communication
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

You most certainly have had the unfortunate experience of sitting through a boring, unorganized webinar or conference call in which the speaker droned on aimlessly. The power and promise of virtual communication is the ability to engage and educate people far and wide. But in order to realize this promise, presenters need to plan, prepare, and practice in the right way. This talk walks through steps that will help you deliver webinars and conference calls that your audience will follow with rapt attention.

ON24_logo_17Ask Joe Pulizzi ANYTHING!
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

This is your opportunity to ASK JOE PULIZZI anything! We’ll devote an hour for your questions.

Join us and be ready to ask Joe your most burning content marketing questions, get more information on why he thinks killing marketing is
how we’re going to save the industry, or find out who he thinks are the next up-and-coming content marketers.

There are no topics we can’t cover – so bring your biggest and best content marketing problems, thoughts and opinions, and the man in orange will be here to answer!

Stop Killing Your Content Team: How to scale your work with the resources you have
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

You’re being asked to deliver more content with the same people and budget resources. How can you deliver without absolutely burning out your team and losing the amazing talent you have today? In this session, you’ll learn how to effectively manage and prioritize your work requests, say ‘no’ to work that won’t create real value for your company, build a business case for your work, and more effectively leverage the content you’ve already created to build new assets.

ON24_logo_17Shifting Out of Content Overdrive
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

What happens after the CMI staff attends the biggest content marketing event on the planet? Like some of you, we spent the week absorbing keynotes from actor/producer Joseph Gordon-Levitt, YouTuber Casey Neistat, GE CMO Linda Boff and podcast super-host Jay Acunzo. We listened to sage advice from featured speakers like Ann Handley, Jay Baer, Joe Pulizzi, and another 200+ awesome teachers. Here at CMI we’re ready to get to work and apply what we learned. Many people tell us that Content Marketing World inspires them to take action … but what exactly are people doing differently after CMWorld? Does the inspiration fizzle out once people head back to work, or are they committed to creating a new roadmap?

In this peek-behind-the-curtain webinar, we’re letting you in our our planning process. Yes, that’s right! We are holding a first-ever, hush-hush brainstorming session with the content planning team behind CMWorld and CMI. Team members will share what they learned at Content Marketing World and how they plan to put rubber to the road … eehrr … put knowledge into action.

marketo marketing automationMarketo’s Secrets to Campaign Optimization
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

Want the inside scoop on how Marketo optimizes their demand generation campaigns? Join Mike Madden, Sr. Marketing Manager at Marketo, as he walks through five of Marketo’s most influential a/b tests, including personalization, email templates, webinars, and more!

Wiley Logo REVBecoming an Audience Company: Moving Beyond Media in a Post-Digital World
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

How much is your audience worth? It’s an abstract question, but it comes down to two simple things. Who are they, and how much do they trust you. Today, if attention is gold, trust is bitcoin. We’ve spent the last 80 years watching media companies measure the consumption of media and valuing their audiences as the standard of that measurement. As product companies, we mimicked this. We’ve spent the last 17 years in digital measuring the consumption of media as a value for our marketing. Those days are over. Marketing may now be in charge of the most valuable asset any company has, and certainly the most precious one a marketing organization manages: a trusting audience.

vidyard_logo_2017_140What the World’s Best Content Marketers Do (and How to Copy Them)
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

Did you know 64% of businesses rank brand awareness as a top KPI for content success? Today’s buyers are savvy and often seek out their own answers, and where they’re looking may surprise you. It’s no longer enough to just create good content – you have to have a plan for where your content is going to live, and how you’re going to measure success. Join Kapost and Vidyard to find out what best-in-class marketers do differently according to new research from Ascend2 and more importantly, how you can replicate their success.

ON24_logo_17Engagement: The Future of Content Delivery
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

In the digital world, all content is not created equal. People no longer want to simply read static content, they want to interact with it, respond to it and even participate in it. In this session, VP of Content Marketing at ON24, Mark Bornstein, will talk about ways to bring your content to life. It’s time to rethink traditional content delivery and focus on more human engagement. Register now and learn how.

Brightcove_logo5 Steps to Revamping Your Video Marketing
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

Video is the most effective marketing tool you have, but you’re misusing it. Video strategy is not a video on your homepage — it is so much more. Paul Casinelli, Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy for Brightcove, will take you through 5 steps that will get you up to speed with today’s video-led digital experiences that drive bottom line results. Using real world examples and actionable tips and tricks, this presentation will cover important video strategy elements including social video, interactivity, ABM and live streaming.

ON24_logo_17Developing Content Marketing IQ Amongst Your Team
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

How to get your entire team thinking about content marketing? It’s a common challenge for businesses today: how do I scale my content marketing efforts beyond the few people who focus on it? To be a successful content marketing organization, a new mindset must be integrated throughout the entire marketing team and beyond. Learn how to run a successful content marketing strategy at scale, by getting the most out of your marketing team, enlisting the entire organization to help, and even scaling beyond your organization’s four walls.

LookBook_logo_150Your Content Marketing Success Metrics Are All Wrong
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

Your job as a marketer is to educate buyers so they become qualified enough to buy. So why do you measure the success of your content based on pageviews, clicks, form fills, and downloads? There’s only one metric that matters: content consumption. The challenge marketers have today is that once someone clicks, we have no idea if they actually consumed the content. In short, our metrics and measurement are based largely on hope. See how marketers are completely redefining success by adopting intelligent content delivery. Not only will you learn how intelligent content allows buyers to consume more content per session but provides greater intelligence into how they consume content and which assets are actually being consumed.

ON24_logo_17How to Create Killer Webinar Content
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

Webinars are the best way to generate leads and turn prospects to pipeline, but all webinars are not created equal. Creating great webinar content that engages the viewer and changes hearts and minds is easier said than done. In this session, VP of Content Marketing for ON24, Mark Bornstein, will show you best practices for sourcing great webinar content and building presentations that truly engage and convert an audience. A successful webinar tells a great story, engages its audience and influences behavior. Register now and learn to create webinar content that converts.

How to Bring Your Content Workflow Into the 21st Century
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

Are you still using tools born in the ‘80s to keep your content machine running, struggling to get stuff out on time while you relay communications between teams of creatives, web masters, and more? Do you live in fear that robots are going to steal your job any day now? The truth is, we content marketers are already living and working side by side with robots — and that relationship is about to get even cozier. Yes, the Robopocalypse is already upon us and it’s going to push your content workflow management into Warp 13, by automating how you set priorities, collaborate effectively, gather timely feedback, and meet deadlines.

logo_searchmetrics_webversionWhy Content Marketers Need to be Their Own SEOs
Now On Demand | Free Webinar

As the intersection of the SEO and content marketing disciplines become more clear, the operating instructions for generating high performing content without SEO expertise remains to be created. Rushing to fill this gap are the usual mix of agency, software and process and much sorting remains.

A panel of experts including the world’s foremost content marketing and SEO experts will gather to discuss and debate how we’ve gotten to this point, what it means for content marketers, and how to integrate SEO practices into the content creation and optimization process.

Emma_Logo_HorizontalThe State of Marketing 2017: Marketers Reveal Their Top 5 Challenges
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

64% of marketers don’t have the time or personnel to do the marketing they would like – and that’s just the beginning. In this Q&A with the author of our just-released industry report, we’ll answer all your burning marketing questions, dive into the biggest challenges facing today’s marketers, and offer solutions for solving them (spoiler alert: email marketing works).

ON24_logo_17Audiences Or Buyers? Open Up Your View on Personas, Open Up Your Content Repertoire
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

What are you trying to do with your content program – sell buyers, or deliver value to audiences? If it’s the former, you’re limiting what you can do with content. It might work – but there’s a ceiling to what you can accomplish. If you want to make big leaps in your content creation strategy – consider moving to an audience strategy. In this webinar, CMI’s Chief Content Adviser will take a page out of our Content Marketing Master Class and talk through the differences of developing buyer personas vs. audience personas. Once we do that, we’ll examine how this expanded view of our personas widens our opportunity to create content that differentiates our brand and delivers true value. Our job as marketers is to make markets. Looking at our customers as audiences instead of merely buyers enables us to do exactly that.

on24 logo5 Ways to Superpower Your Content
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

Sitting down to write content is always challenging. That blank white page lulls you into loneliness and doubt and the cursor blinks at you mockingly. What’s a great content writer to do? Start with our webinar on learning 5 important categories for making your content valuable to your audiences. You’ll learn how to incorporate SEO, plain language, neuroscience (seriously) and social media into your writing process in a way that supports consistent, coherent content every single time. We can’t believe you even had to read to the end of this paragraph to be convinced—sign up now!!!!

Act-On_logo 2016_two toneInbound and Outbound: Creating a Dual-Powered Adaptive Journey
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

Inbound marketing has received a great deal of press in recent years as a standalone digital strategy. But recent research suggests that inbound alone is far from enough; in fact, 84% of today’s successful businesses blend inbound and outbound tactics together to drive results. Find out how to balance your inbound and outbound needs for a revenue-producing digital ecosystem.

30 Essential Tips to Document Your Content Marketing Workflow
Now On Demand | Free Webinar

Research conducted by CMI consistently shows that content marketers who document their content marketing strategy are more effective in nearly all areas of content marketing. But even with a documented strategy, content marketers often still lack a defined workflow structure; they may have direction, and enjoy more success than other teams, but chaos in their work processes keep them from achieving their potential. Hear Heather Hurst and Robert Rose present on the best practices for documenting your workflow so that you can successfully execute your content marketing strategy

Killing Marketing: From Cost Center to Profit Center
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

In this interactive webinar, Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose will discuss the theory behind their new book, Killing Marketing (publishing in September 2017), and how the future of the marketing department will be a revenue and profit center, not a cost center like we’ve had for over 50 years.

Connecting Content Marketing and SEO for Better Results
Now Available On Demand | Free Webinar

Building Frameworks That Fuel Digital Marketing Performance

Content Marketing and SEO are a match made in conversion heaven. Over 77 percent of marketers surveyed in the BrightEdge “Future of Content Survey 2017” state that content and SEO strategies are converging. Furthermore, 54 percent of respondents agree that content and SEO should be integrated and 43 percent of respondents state that they are converging into one single discipline. In this webinar, BrightEdge and NewsCred have partnered to share can’t miss lessons that will help you produce content that is targeted, resonates and engages. The result is content that customers will love!