Content Marketing Framework: Story

Developing the content in our content marketing strategy is developing the stories of us. It’s the big ideas that we represent. It’s the differentiated experiences we want to create. It’s what we REALLY do for a living. For better or worse — it’s that simple.

Storytelling is not intended to be a “selling” tool; it’s a method of building strong relationships with your customers and a thriving community of loyalists over time. Your story identifies what your passions are and serves as the foundation for all your future content developments.

One way to uncover your company’s “story” is through a Brand Hero’s Journey Chart. The chart can help you develop a structure that can be used across one small content marketing initiative — or across an entire strategy of content marketing throughout your company.

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Story is the third step in building a successful content marketing strategy. Download  The CMI Content Marketing Framework: 7 Building Blocks to Success for an overview of the process, or learn about the other steps with our how-to guides on the right-hand side of the page.