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Your Content Marketing Career

How do you advance your content marketing career? The path ahead isn’t always clear, and the popularity of generative AI isn’t making anything clearer.

These resources will help you take control of your current position and your employment future.

Are you worried about your AI taking your job? Are you wondering which skills to invest in to stay competitive in the content marketing job market?

CMI surveyed 1,000 marketers across the globe about how AI will impact careers – and how they plan to fight back. On a recent Ask the #CMWorld Community livestream, a panel of experts discussed how AI is impacting marketers’ day-to-day jobs already, what they can do to stay relevant, and how organizations can prepare for the AI revolution and support their talent along the way. Watch the replay, then learn more about the research or download the report.

Content Marketing Career & Salary Outlook

Our research into content marketing careers and salaries will help you understand how to build a case for what you need in your current job, reveal which skills other content marketers plan to invest in, and show how your salary stacks up against others in similar roles and geographical regions.

Find Out How Your Salary Stacks Up in the Content Marketing Career & Salary 2024 Outlook

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