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Content Creator Resources

Once you have developed your content marketing strategy, you’re ready for the fun part: creating content!

Entering this phase can raise a lot of questions for content creators. You’ll find some of the most common ones below:

What should I write about?

It’s a question that every content marketer asks at some point in their career. And while there’s no universal “right” answer for all businesses, these CMI posts will help you understand how to choose impactful topics, generate compelling ideas, and craft the engaging stories your audience wants most:

What type of content should I create?

There are lots of content types creators can choose from, and each one presents its own set of benefits, challenges, and requirements. But no matter which ones you are considering, these articles will help you make smart, strategic decisions that will lead to a stronger marketing impact.

Where can I find more info about creating specific content types?

On the CMI blog, you’ll find expert advice on working with just about every type of content, including:

What are some examples of great content?

Sometimes, the easiest way to get inspired is to see how others generate content. These resources are full of examples that can help get your creative juices flowing:

How can I get better at content creation?

While there’s certainly an art to crafting a great brand story, you also need to consider the technical elements that can help make your content experience more trustworthy and satisfying for your audience.

The quality and accuracy of your writing, its style and tone, and its emotional resonance all factor into consumers’ perception of its value. These articles will help you nail the execution and get better results from your efforts: