Creating Content

Once you have created your content marketing strategy, the fun part begins: creating the content! Here are some questions you may be asking.

What should I write about?

I think every marketer has asked this question, and you likely have read many posts on the Content Marketing Institute and elsewhere about this topic. Here are some posts to get you started thinking about how to generate content:

What type of content should I create?

Here are some ideas on how content creators can determine what content is right for your organization:

What are some examples of great content?

Sometimes, the easiest way to get inspired is to see how others generate content.  Here are some resources that are full of examples to get the juices flowing.

Where can I find more info about creating specific content types?

You can get more detail on any type of content on CMI:

How can I get more life from my content?

For content creators, part of a sound content marketing strategy requires repurposing—also called repackaging or reimaging – content. Why?

  • Generating content that’s great takes a lot of time. Don’t you want to get the most “bang for your buck”?
  • Your audience likes information in different ways: text, videos, podcasts, graphics, etc. To reach as many people as you can, you need to generate content and serve it up in different ways.

Here are some ideas on how to do this: