Analytics and Data

Learn which content marketing metrics to track, how to analyze performance data, and effective ways to turn your audience insights into increased marketing ROI.

23 Measurement Definitions Every Content Marketer Should Know

While content marketers may recognize terms related to content measurement, it’s easy to confuse their distinctions. Read on for explanations of 23 common measurement terms and how they fit into your content’s performance strategy.


4 Content Marketing Goals That Really Matter to the Business

Too often, content marketers set goals that their business leaders don’t care a lot about. (Brand awareness, anyone?) Here’s how to speak their language and set goals better connected to the business.

Measuring Content Marketing Impact: How To Set Objectives That Matter

In a universe where marketing can’t be proven mathematically, what good is math? It’s immensely valuable if you have this one thing – a shared sense of what success looks like. It’s all in this episode of Marketing Makers.


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Why You Struggle To Prove Content ROI – and How To Settle Up (or Down)

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The Content Director’s Secret to Measurable Impact [Sponsored]

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Forget Views and Shares: Choose Metrics More Relevant to Your Content Marketing Goals

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Do You Really Need To Measure Your Content’s Impact on Brand Value? [Rose-Colored Glasses]

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Stop Making These Reporting Mistakes (If You Want To Keep Your Content Budget)

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