By Rachel Foster published December 17, 2013

Curating Content Or Creating It: Which Drives More B2B Conversions?

Most marketers would say their top priority is to generate high-quality leads. Find out how to combine content creation and curation to get more leads and then drive more B2B conversions from them. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published December 16, 2013

50 Content Marketing Predictions for 2014

Part of the fun of reaching the end of the year is predicting the trends that lie ahead. Joe goes out on a limb again with three predictions of his own. Also, find out what 50 other content marketing thought leaders see coming in 2014. Continue reading

By Carl Friesen published December 15, 2013

The Narrowcast Approach to Newsjacking: Creating Content for Niches

Offering news-relevant content can be a powerful way to show customers and prospects that your organization understands their world and can help them with issues they’re facing. Find out more about creating content for niches with the “narrowcast” approach to newsjacking. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published December 14, 2013

Clear Evidence that Content Marketing is a Force to Be Reckoned With

This week on This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert discuss the growing interest in content marketing shown by the venture capital community. They also touch on other key content industry issues that took shape this week and offer their usual rants and raves. Listen in, and let us know what you think. Continue reading

By Kirk Cheyfitz published December 13, 2013

What Content Marketing Needs to Rule in the Post-Advertising Age

To wrest advertising from the hands of the traditional agencies, the content industry must master some basic brand management skills, including branding, strategic planning, media planning, and measurement. Get the essentials on what content marketing needs to rule in the post-advertising age. Continue reading

By Patrick Hayslett published December 12, 2013

How ‘Vertical Silos’ Can Lead to Better Content Marketing Strategies

The idea of “silos” in business has been much maligned for years. But find out how carefully organized and coordinated vertical silos can lead to better content marketing strategies and move the industry forward. Continue reading

By Paul Roetzer published December 11, 2013

Mapping the Next Frontier in Brand Storytelling

While organizations continue to pour resources into content marketing, there are tremendous gaps in talent, technology and strategy holding back the industry – and possibly your business. Find out more about the challenges ahead as we map the next frontier in brand storytelling. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published December 10, 2013

Research: UK Content Marketers Are Confident, Lack Strategy

Among the marketers we’ve surveyed across three continents, those based in the United Kingdom rate themselves highest in terms of content marketing effectiveness. Find out more about the content marketing trends in our second annual UK report. Continue reading

By Arnie Kuenn published December 9, 2013

3 Content Strategy Commandments for Google Hummingbird Success

Wondering what Google’s latest algorithm update means for your business? The answer depends on what your current strategies and tactics are. In general, make sure you adopt these 3 content strategy commandments for Google Hummingbird success. Continue reading

By Tessa Wegert published December 8, 2013

Use Hashtags More Effectively in Your Social Media Content: 4 Tactics

Hashtags are definitely hot, but they can be confusing for content marketers. We know we need to use them, but what’s the best approach? Get 4 tactics for using hashtags more effectively in your social media content. Continue reading