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How To Write Faster With or Without an AI Assist

How To Write Faster With or Without an AI Assist

Imagine you could write more quickly. Deadline stress would disappear. Hunched shoulders would relax. And your boss would smile more. Here’s how to turn that dream into a reality.
Your Ultimate Guide To Master the Content Creation Process

Your Ultimate Guide To Master the Content Creation Process

Content creation requires a lot. Who will do it? How will it align with strategic goals? How you craft audience-attracting stories? Learn the potential answers to help you develop a content creation process that really delivers.
5 Real-Life Ledes That Kinda Work (and How They Could Be Better)

5 Real-Life Ledes That Kinda Work (and How They Could Be Better)

Next to the headline, the lede is everything. It must complete many tasks — hook the reader, indicate the subject matter, set the tone, etc. To help your intros live up to those weighty responsibilities, read on for real-life critiques.
Podcast production process

How To Produce a Podcast in 2024 (From Someone Who’s Done 400+ Episodes)

This Old Marketing has produced over 400 podcast episodes since 2013. Learn how they do it in 2024, from the process to the equipment and the one big thing every successful podcast requires.

How To Find and Include More Underrepresented Voices in Your Content

People often quote Steve Jobs and Bill Gates about leadership. Marketers often go to men in their industry for expert and customer quotes. It’s time to elevate the voices of women and other underrepresented communities in your content.

Content Editing: How To Handle Major Rewrites (and Prevent Them in the Future)

The draft is in — and the writer didn’t understand the assignment. Or an executive writes a story and expects you to publish their work, but it’s just not good. When a standard edit isn’t enough, try one of these two approaches to save bad content.

Classic Content Isn’t Necessarily Evergreen: Why Marketers Should Know the Difference

Evergreen does not automatically mean the content will stand the test of time. Nor is content that stands the test of time necessarily evergreen. Why? And can AI even generate classic content? Let’s explore.

How To Achieve Business Podcasting Success (and Pitfalls To Avoid)

Business podcasts differ from entertainment podcasts — and it’s about more than audience size. Discover the key elements to crafting a podcast strategy that works for your content marketing and business goals.

6 Easy Things You Can Do To Improve the Content Experience for Your Audience

How do you create a seamless content experience so your audience doesn’t even realize it’s an “experience”? Follow these tips.

Big Brand Content Examples That Shine, Charm, and (Sadly) Bore

Get three hot takes in emoji form about content from Toyota, KitchenAid, and United Airlines. Then, delve deeper into what worked and what didn’t.
Robots facing off with a human represent a recent creative and strategy challenge that pitted two marketers against one supported by AI tools.

Marketers vs. Marketer With an AI Assist (Spoiler: Everybody Wins)

Can an AI-assisted marketer working alone create a better campaign than two experienced marketers drawing on their human expertise? We put it to the test. Find out who won — and what the experiment revealed about AI strengths and limits.

New Study Reveals Clear Writing Tips for B2B Marketers

Plain language brings a power too few decision-makers appreciate. This study proves that clear communication can attract a B2B audience and make them more likely to convert. Plus, get the resulting data-driven writing tips.