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How To Set Up a Content Publishing Process Worthy of Repetition

How To Set Up a Content Publishing Process Worthy of Repetition

Content creation gets a lot of attention. But it can’t attract an audience without all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into content publishing. Walk step by step through a content production process that has worked well for over 10 years.
How to Adapt Your SEO and Content Strategies for SGE and AI Experiences

How To Adapt Your SEO and Content Strategies for SGE and AI Experiences

Google’s rolling out its Search Generative Experience to the public. And that’s not the only AI-influenced impact on search results pages. It’s time to update your content strategy to better reflect these new search experiences.
A desktop computer screen, keyboard, and multiple alternate screens represent the world of referral traffic sources beyond Google.

Want More Referral Traffic? Don’t Overlook These Generous Sites  

A new study reveals which sites send generous referral traffic (and which don’t). Google tops the list, but don’t overlook other search engines and social sites where you might face less competition. Here’s how to grab your share of referrals from non-Google sources.
Glasses with rose-colored lenses representing Robert Rose's view of how to build a contributor network to scale B2B content.

Think Like a Director To Build a Scalable Employee Content Network

Recent research finds that almost nine out of 10 C-suite B2B marketers believe tapping employees as influencers holds immense value. But how do you scale your content efforts to enable those creators? Think like a movie director. Here’s how.
A figure pulls open a dress shirt to reveal the term PR on a Superman-like costume, reflecting the superpower resulting from combining content and PR.

How To Combine PR and Content Marketing Superpowers To Achieve Business Goals

Are you ready for the transformation? We’re not talking about AI. It’s the convergence of public relations and content marketing. If you tackle it the right way, you can forever enhance your brand’s storytelling.

Enhance Your Content’s Power With a Performance-Centric AI Plan

AI tools can handle a wide range of helpful tasks. But they won’t deliver optimal content performance unless you apply them strategically. Here are some top-recommended implementations — and their real-world implications.

How To Find and Include More Underrepresented Voices in Your Content

People often quote Steve Jobs and Bill Gates about leadership. Marketers often go to men in their industry for expert and customer quotes. It’s time to elevate the voices of women and other underrepresented communities in your content.

Content Editing: How To Handle Major Rewrites (and Prevent Them in the Future)

The draft is in — and the writer didn’t understand the assignment. Or an executive writes a story and expects you to publish their work, but it’s just not good. When a standard edit isn’t enough, try one of these two approaches to save bad content.

Manage Your Content Budgets With ‘Bottle’ Episodes

The mega-hit Friends producers adopted a behind-the-scenes strategy that balanced the budget and delivered some of the best episodes. Consider a similar strategy for your budget-impacted content plan.

Air Canada’s Chatbot Fail Should Propel Marketers To Address These AI Questions

Air Canada tried to throw its chatbot under the bus because it gave wrong information to a customer. But a Canadian court sided with the chatbot (and the customer). What does that mean for brands using public-facing generative AI tools?
4-Part Guide To Crafting a Winning Content Plan

4-Part Guide To Crafting a Winning Content Plan

Knowing your content goals is one thing. Knowing how you’ll achieve them is another. A content plan outlines all the specific steps for activating the vision expressed in your content strategy. Focus on these four areas to build one.

Learn the ABCs of DXPs

Not sure if you should add a digital experience platform to your martech stack? Here’s how the latest systems make content easier to manage, optimize, and deliver to your audience.