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Prove Your Thought Leadership Strategy's Worth: A Caveman's Tale

If you are willing to create content that shares your expertise with your target audience — with no strings attached — that audience is more likely to place your firm at the top of its credibility list. Get proof that such a thought leadership strategy can be effective in this caveman's tale.

The 2013 Content Marketer Awards: 7 Inspiring Industry Leaders

Each year, CMI honors the individual content marketers who inspire us all to achieve more. Find out more about 7 inspiring industry leaders named for 2013. Also, join us at Content Marketing World in September, when one of these notable content experts will be named Content Marketer of the Year.

Content Marketing Strategy: How to Engage Influencers in Your Industry

CMI's blog strategy is a case in point on how engaging influencers in your industry can lead to content marketing success. Find out how it worked for us.

Content Marketing Strategy: 3 Experts on Tapping Influencers

When you think of influencer marketing, you may think about tapping those who have the broadest social reach to share your content. But it can be beneficial to look beyond the most obvious. Learn where to find influencers and how to use them in your content marketing strategy.

For Influential Content Marketing, Go Beyond Your Brand Fans

Find out how creating content that is aimed beyond your "first circle" connections can help expand your reach and influence in your industry.

How to Build Third-Party Credibility for Your Content

When it comes to demonstrating thought leadership through content, it’s not just about getting your content published anywhere online in hopes that Google will find it. Find out how to build third-party credibility for your content.

How to Help Your Customers Help You by Sharing Their Stories

Customer stories can be just as much of a content gold mine as case studies — sometimes even more so. In this example, a single customer interview netted more than 38 pieces of content. And here are the essentials on how to get your customers to help you in the same way.

A Smart Strategy for Letting Your Customers Do the Talking

Businesses can talk about their great service or incredible products all day, but self-promotion can’t come close to instilling the kind of credibility and authority that comes from customer stories. Here's a smart strategy for letting your customers do the talking.

The Conversation Company: Teaching Content Marketers to Tap into the Unused Conversation Potential

Steven Van Belleghem, author of "The Conversation Company," says his book is about tapping into unused conversation potential within companies. He advises content marketers to take advantage of client happiness and empowered employees.

3 Steps to Making Your Content More Credible (Prior to Publication)

Out of 42 different content marketing tactics, the CMI Content Marketing Playbook and CMI community ranked testimonials as one of the top 10 tactics. Testimonials can definitely give your content that extra boost — and credibility —your audience is looking for. But here’s the thing: Receiving testimonials...