By Content Marketing Institute Team published January 22, 2021

Disguises Are for Superheroes – Not Great Content [The Weekly Wrap]

This week in content marketing, we’re talking about the opposite of clickbait, the solid growth in search volume for marketing terms, and a sweet (overlooked) content opportunity. 


Helpful launch code hides in plain sight


WHAT: The dry, label headline Automated Email Sequence Examples hides a useful article. Marisa Sanfilippo’s piece distills comprehensive information into what could be mistaken for a simple examples post. Despite the less-than-inviting headline, it’s a great read with detailed advice for anyone interested in learning about or improving their automated email nurturing programs.Continue Reading

By Andrea Fryrear published January 21, 2021

5 Agile Marketing Values to Sharpen Your Content Process

Updated Jan. 21, 2021

I recently spent several hours of a Sunday afternoon making homemade pasta, a remarkably messy activity that gave me a deep appreciation for the complexities behind a simple strand of spaghetti.

I had no idea there are multiple kinds of flour to use in almost infinite combinations, depending on the type of pasta you’re after.

For many marketers, our relationship with content is much the same.

We happily employ the products of content marketing without really understanding the intricate dance that led to their creation. Even those of us responsible for a step or two in that process lack a comprehensive, end-to-end view of content creation.Continue Reading

By Robert Rose published January 20, 2021

Fine-Tune Your Reach and Frequency for Modern Marketing [Video Series Debut]

By Robert Rose published January 19, 2021

Get Your Content Governance in Order With This 1 Thing

By Content Marketing Institute Team published January 15, 2021

That’s How You Make a Splash: Slime Cannons, Sewer (Public) Servants, and More [The Weekly Wrap]

By Aleh Barysevich published January 14, 2021

21 YouTube SEO Tools to Boost Your Video Rankings

By Robert Rose published January 13, 2021

Demand Gen for Content Marketing in the Next Decade [New Research]

By Jonathan Crossfield published January 12, 2021

Why Rushing Your Writers Never Leads to Great Content

By Elise Dopson published January 11, 2021

How to Get Ranked and Read With a Topic Cluster Model

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