By Ann Gynn published May 5, 2021

Want More Method and Less Madness? Check Your Content Operations

People, process, and product. That’s the essential trilogy at the heart of a successful business – as fans of the CNBC reality show The Profit know (yes, I’m one of them).

In that show, serial CEO Marcus Lemonis works to get those factors right when he invests in a struggling business.

Every successful content marketing program relies on a similar magic trilogy, which goes by the name content operations (or content ops, if you prefer).Continue Reading

By Clare McDermott published May 4, 2021

Want Better Results From Your Original Research? Improve the Survey Experience

More companies are using research as a form of content marketing – be it survey-based studies that dive deep into an industry trend or analyses of internal user data to show off the brand’s expertise and point of view.

Yet, all that new interest comes with a learning curve. Original research is one of those areas where so much can go wrong, especially if you’re inexperienced. Most problems I see relate to one of two things: poor survey design or faulty statistical analysis.Continue Reading

By Kim Moutsos published May 3, 2021

6 Steps to Help You Decide Whether to Optimize Your Failed Content

By Content Marketing Institute Team published April 30, 2021

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By Alexandra Cote published April 29, 2021

15 Engaging Ways to End Your Next Blog Post

By Teni Hallums published April 28, 2021

How to Use Reddit to Find Subject Matter Experts

By Anjan Sarkar published April 27, 2021

9 Ways to Increase Watch Time on Your YouTube Channel

By Chintan Zalani published April 26, 2021

4 Mental Models to Help You Tackle Tough Content Marketing Questions

By Content Marketing Institute Team published April 23, 2021

How Do You Like Your Content Marketing – Cheesy, Fruity, or Extremely Personal?

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