By Robert Rose published August 19, 2022

Content Strategy – Not Content – Can Be Your Brand’s Competitive Advantage [Rose-Colored Glasses]

A CMO recently asked if he could push back on a word I used in a webinar – a word that marketers tend to throw around a lot.

I replied, “Sure, push away.”

The word was strategy.

I had talked a lot in the webinar about how the content itself provides no sustainable competitive advantage. However, a content strategy might.

The CMO asked: “What is a content strategy, and how does it provide a competitive advantage if the content itself does not?

“Isn’t the strategy supposed to define the content?”

OK, yeah, time to go get a cocktail.Continue Reading

By Ann Gynn published August 18, 2022

How a Silly Content Question Led to Surprisingly Delicious Answers

It wasn’t a great question.

But we asked it anyway: “Does it matter if people consume the content, or is it enough for them to notice it?”

To make matters worse, we posed the question to the experts presenting at Content Marketing World 2022. Yeah, the people sharing ideas with content marketers (who presumably want their content consumed).

To our delight, the experts took this less-than-stellar query and returned something even better than we’d hoped – frank contemplations, food for thought, and, sure, plenty of sass.Continue Reading

By Ann Gynn published August 17, 2022

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