By Sujan Patel published September 21, 2018

5 Advanced Methods to Promote Your Content in 2018

5-advanced-methods-content-promotionJust because you create content doesn’t mean anyone will see it. People have to know the content exists in order to consume it.

The digital landscape is increasingly competitive. If you want your content to drive maximum value, finding opportunities to engage audiences is just as critical as the content itself.

Here are five advanced methods that belong in every marketer’s content promotion strategy.
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By Bethany Johnson published September 20, 2018

How Cisco Merges Martech With Creative Content

If you could build the ideal multi-industry global conglomerate from scratch, scaling it to over 700 product families, would you let each one of those 700 product managers target the same customer separately?

Of course you wouldn’t.

Why then do so many enterprise brands find themselves in a similar pickle?

Three years ago, the Cisco marketing team woke up to this real-life situation. Bob Meindl, Cisco marketing director, and Jenny Hooks, Cisco marketing manager, describe the revelation in their joint 2018 Intelligent Content Conference, Beauty and the Beast: Creating the Balance Between Content Innovation and Martech Capabilities.

“Like many large B2B companies, we focused on product marketing, and each business unit would market to customers on their own,” Bob says. “To be fair, they thought about the customer, and understood the customer, but only from the very specific lens of their product.”
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