By Carla Johnson published August 21, 2019

Ryan Reynolds Pours Content Success at Aviation Gin (B2C CMY Finalist)

Editor’s note: We’re sharing insights from 2019 Content Marketer of the Year finalists on the blog before we announce the winner at Content Marketing World in September. This is the first year we will name a Content Marketer of the Year in two categories – B2B and B2C. 

You probably recognize Ryan Reynolds as an in-demand actor even though his most profitable movie appearances involve a superhero mask and layers of makeup.

Now you can know him as a 2019 B2C Content Marketer of the Year finalist. That’s because Ryan has applied the same energy, determination, and commitment that propelled the foulmouthed Deadpool to success to his work with the challenger brand Aviation American Gin. He acquired a stake in the company and became its creative director in 2018.

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By Keith Hodges published August 20, 2019

How to Do a Helpful SEO Audit in a Few Hours

You write to rank. But how often do you pause typing to see how your SEO-focused content is performing?

A glance at the first page of Google won’t cut it. A simple SEO audit can provide a better understanding of the positives and adverse aspects of your site’s pages in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

It’s an important undertaking so you can improve upon what works and eliminate bad SEO tactics that affect your rankings (and in some cases, could result in your site being removed from the search engine altogether).

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