By Robert Rose published January 17, 2020

Is Your Work a Passion, a Love, Or Something Else? [The Weekly Wrap]

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And that’s a wrap of the week ending Jan. 17, 2020

This week I’m exploring the difference between passion and love when it comes to work. I share my take on an article describing how the workplace will change in 2020. I talk with CMI’s Cathy McPhillips about marketing to marketers, new lead-gen challenges, and where content marketing is going this year. And I share an article on how to make sure your content survives the committee process.

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By Carol Hill published January 16, 2020

How to Create 5 Custom Metrics in Google Analytics [Infographic]

Although Google Analytics default metrics are valuable, they don’t allow you to get answers to deeper questions about your content: Do visitors like the content? Do they read the article until the end or just the first sentence? Which author generates the highest number of conversions? How long do visitors watch the videos?

It doesn’t have to be like that. Let’s explore five ways to enhance your content performance measurement with custom (and often easy-to-create) Google Analytics tracking.

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By Kimberly Zhang published January 15, 2020

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