By Ann Gynn published February 15, 2019

How to Make Your Writing More Powerful

Digital media fostered a generation of lazy writing.

Unlike printed publications – where space is finite – digital platforms have infinite space. The format doesn’t force writers to edit. (Twitter’s character limit is an exception. Anyone who has crafted a lengthy tweet then revised to fit within the expanded 280 characters understands.) To keep skills sharp, writers must do writing workouts.

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By Dennis Shiao published February 14, 2019

What You Need to Know About Native Advertising

Jesper Laursen, CEO of the Native Advertising Institute, defines native advertising as “paid advertising where the ad matches the form, feel, function, and quality of the content of the media on which it appears.”

Your target customers are elusive. They’re online all day and consume a lot of media, but how do you reach them with your media and your message?

Native advertising can be a solution.

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