By Joe Pulizzi published November 11, 2019

Marketing 2030: 7 Laws for Content Marketing Success

This article is based on Joe’s keynote presentation at Content Marketing World 2019. You can see the presentation slides  here.

First, I’d like to apologize.

Back in 2008, when Newt Barrett and I wrote the book Get Content Get Customers (please, do not buy this book), I wrote some things that simply aren’t true. At least not anymore.

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By Robert Rose published November 8, 2019

Foreseeing Career Happiness, Advantage of Privacy Compliance, and More [The Weekly Wrap]

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And that’s a wrap of the week ending Nov. 8, 2019

This week I’m thinking about how we can more accurately predict which career moves will lead to future happiness. I share an article that suggests complying with privacy regulations presents a competitive advantage. I talk with Brad Berens, chief strategy officer at the Center for the Digital Future at USC Annenberg, about thinking exponentially rather than incrementally about the future. Finally, I share an article about what it means to play the long game when it comes to content marketing.

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By Dennis Shiao published November 7, 2019

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Channel Broadcast News to Better Your Content Marketing

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5 Writing Tricks to Treat Your Audiences

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