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8 Copywriting Techniques to Boost Email Conversions

Published: 2018-06-04

You don’t have time to A/B test every element of your email campaigns. But don’t give up on perfecting your emails. Here are eight tested tricks to bolster the conversions and overall performance of your email campaigns. Continue reading

5 Techniques to Build a Better Content Platform

Published: 2019-10-08

Does your brand’s site offer the equivalent of a dilapidated hotel in a beautiful vacation destination? Are some parts just OK (or worse), while other parts are brilliant? Here’s the remedy you need. Continue reading

Successful Content Is Ridiculously Easy to Use

Published: 2019-08-26

Content marketers talk a lot about “good” content. We poke every which way to figure out what makes it perform. And yes, keywords, CTA, etc. are important. But it all comes down to making our content as easy to use as possible.

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Want More Opens and Fewer Unsubscribes? Fix These 35 Email Mistakes

Published: 2019-08-13

Consumers open an average of 3.5 brand emails a week. To be among those, you better get to work on perfecting this popular format and distribution vehicle. And you can start by reading (and fixing) these 35 mistakes.

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How to Get More Value From Your Email Marketing Tech

Published: 2019-08-07

To bring clarity to the complex email marketing tech space, an industry insider talks trends, biggest challenges, and the power of this channel’s growth. It’s the first conversation in the monthly #ContentTECH series.

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13 Easy Tips to Give Your Content More Personality

Published: 2019-08-05

Creating content that attracts an audience – and keeps them reading and connected to your brand’s content – can be a challenge. To make your next pieces shinier, here are 13 easy tips to pack more personality into your content.

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7 Easy Ways to Super Boost Your Newsletter Open Rate

Published: 2019-07-18

Your newsletter isn’t beans. You can’t sprout the open rate overnight. However, if you lay the groundwork with targeted and well-researched strategies, your newsletter will grow uncannily fast just like bamboo shoots.

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Email Marketing: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Published: 2019-07-08

Nearly every brand uses email marketing due to its proven effectiveness and acceptance with consumers. But we’ve all seen plenty of poor marketing practices in the inbox. Are we driving our audiences away with too much of a good thing? Continue reading

How to Make the Content Marketing Case With ROI

Published: 2019-07-02

How do you gain executive (and budget) support for content marketing? And how can do you answer the inevitable ROI question before you even really get going? Here’s some insight and help on how to do it.

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10 Tips From Best-Selling Authors That Will Polish Your Content

Published: 2019-06-17

What can you learn from those best-selling fiction authors to make your content marketing shine? A lot. They know how to keep readers turning the page. Here are 10 tips from Stephen King, F. Scott Fitzgerald, George Orwell, and more. Continue reading