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What You Need To Know About Recent ChatGPT and Gemini Features

What You Need To Know About Recent ChatGPT and Gemini Features

OpenAI and Google’s AI ecosystems made headlines this week. They’re going all in on analyzing images, video, and speech features. But it’s what they didn’t say or do this week that marketers should pay attention to.
Don’t Follow Tesla’s Marketing Mistake

Don’t Follow Tesla’s Marketing Mistake

Tesla dismissed its marketing team this month. The layoffs come only a year after a mandate to “try advertising” that Elon Musk later said was “too generic.” But is marketing really to blame? Is there a takeaway for other companies?
Why Marketers Should Care About Google’s Potential HubSpot Acquisition

Why Marketers Should Care About Google’s Potential HubSpot Acquisition

Google may buy HubSpot. But how likely is it the deal will get done? Why would Google want HubSpot? What would it mean for HubSpot customers? Understand the possibilities and take away the one reality for every marketer.

Enterprise Marketers Leading With Strategy in 2024 [New Research]

Discover what enterprise content marketers expect in 2024, from budgets, generative AI, tech, social media use, and more. CMI's newly released research also finds out what sets top performers apart from their industry peers.

Marketing’s Musical Chairs: Why So Many Reorgs (and What It Means for You) 

Almost half of companies restructured their marketing teams in the past year, according to Marketing Week. About four in 10 restructured the year before that. Why? And how can you thrive despite it? 

How Technology Marketers Lead the Way in AI Experimentation [New Research]

Tech marketers reveal their creation and non-creation challenges, resource woes, AI’s impact, and more. Plus, what do the most successful do differently? Find out in CMI’s newly released technology content marketing research.

Marketing in 2024: AI, Brand, and the End of Social Media?

Take five minutes to dig into the 525,600 minutes that made up 2023 for marketers and what should happen with that time next year.
A shopping cart holding the Amazon logo to represent the rise in retail media network advertising.

The Rise of Retail Media Networks in 2024: Why Marketers Should Care

To some surprise, digital advertising spending will jump in 2024. But the unexpected news for most is the rise in spending on retail media networks. Learn why B2C – and B2B – marketers should pay attention to them.

Key Trends in Content Marketing 2024: 67 Predictions

What’s ahead in content and marketing for 2024? AI gets a lot of attention in these predictions, but in surprising ways. Plus, these experts forecast the impact of social media and world turmoil and give a healthy dose of hope.

OpenAI’s Drama Should Teach Marketers These 2 Lessons

Should you care about the C-suite drama at OpenAI? Only if you plan to integrate any brand’s generative AI tools into your marketing strategy for 2024 and beyond.

Is OpenAI’s Custom GPT the Next Frontier?

You can make your own GPT. But what can a custom version of ChatGPT do for your brand? And what non-GPT thing do you need to make it really work?

Why Most Video Content Fails To Reach Its Full Potential [New Research]

An important tool for creating human connections, video stands as a top priority in most content marketing programs. New CMI research explores how marketers are using this format – and what they need to achieve better results.