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This Week in Content Marketing: Marketers, Not Publishers, Will Win With Long-Form Content

We explore Apple's record earnings, Google's new ad format, and AI bots that created a secret language. We also discuss Hasbro's failed bid for Lions Gate, rant about a media duopoly, and share an example of the week from Jim Cramer.

This Week in Content Marketing: Brands & Billionaires Continue to Buy Up Media

We cover The Atlantic's new owner, Facebook's earnings report, and what P&G did with $140M in ad dollars. We also explore Hearst's e-commerce experiment, rant about a content marketing swindle, and share an example of the week from GE.

Content Marketing in 2022: Very Personal, No Silos, and Lots of Voice

What is the biggest change to happen in content marketing by 2022? More than 25 experts presenting at Content Marketing World shared a list that’s practical and proactive, from formats to voice activation and personalization.

This Week in Content Marketing: Amazon, Facebook, and Google All Launch New Content Plays

We dish on new social product launches from Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Rants and raves include our industry's tendency to focus on technology over strategy; then we close the show with an example of entrepreneurial excellence.

How Content Influences the Purchasing Process: Tips for Content Marketers [Research]

Want to know how content affects the purchasing process? Gain insight from the latest research from SmartBrief and CMI exploring what type of content is most influential, how decision-makers perceive content from vendors, and more.

This Week in Content Marketing: No, Not Everyone Should Do Content Marketing

We discuss why some publishers are cutting their own advertising and take a lesson from Fender. Rants and raves include bad advice from Gary Vee and the end of programmatic ads; then we wrap up with an example of the week from UBS.

Ditch the Term 'Content Marketing' ... Unless You’re Talking to Marketers

If you hate or love the term “content marketing,” you’ll want to read this post from CMI founder Joe Pulizzi. He first used the term 15 years ago (it led to an almost $1 million deal) and shares the only time you need to use it.

This Week in Content Marketing: The Solution to Facebook's Fake News Problem

We come up with a viable solution to Facebook's fake news problem, and discuss artificial intelligence from several angles. Our rants and raves include agency changes; then we share an example of the week funded by the U.S. Government.

Marketers: 14 Opportunities to Make Your Content Efforts More Scalable [New Research]

Though most marketers say their brand views content as an asset, only a minority have the people and processes in place, according to new research on content management and strategy from the Content Marketing Institute.

This Week in Content Marketing: Could Digital Advertising Be Ready to Pop?

We discuss the state of digital advertising and debate whether it has truly become a "nightmarish joke." Rants and raves include CPA Australia and the crazy-creative connection; then we close with an art-inspired example of the week.

This Week in Content Marketing: Special Episode – How We Create Content

In this special episode, we share details of our personal working styles and processes, offer some content marketing predictions for the remainder of 2017, and share an example of the week that got Robert's engines revving.

This Week in Content Marketing: The New York Times Shows That Email Is the Next Best Thing

We explore NerdWallet's content-first business approach, and discuss how The New York Times is excelling at email. Our rants and raves include net neutrality and YouTube's ad crisis; then we close with an example of the week from Mobil.