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B2C Marketers Treat Content Marketing as a Project; That’s a Mistake [New Research]

Published: 2023-01-25

Today, we released the new B2C Content Marketing Benchmark, Budgets, and Trends – Insights for 2023. Discover the surprising and not-so-surprising results. And get Robert Rose’s big takeaway. Continue reading

3 Top Content Marketing Challenges in Manufacturing [New Research]

Published: 2022-11-16

Over half of manufacturing marketers say they’re challenged by three things. Find out what they are in today’s release of CMI’s Manufacturing Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends: Insights for 2023. Continue reading

4 Ways To Win With Video – the ‘It’ Content Format for 2023 [Research and Examples]

Published: 2022-11-01

Standing out in the crowded video space will take more creativity in 2023. Discover what the CMI’s newly released research says and get inspired by six award-winning examples. Continue reading

Video Grows in Importance But Doesn’t Reach Full Potential [New Research]

Published: 2022-10-27

Video remains a top priority in content marketing programs. But how well are marketers using the popular format? What do they need to do better? Find out that and more in the newly released 2022 Video and Visual Storytelling survey. Continue reading

7 Things B2B Content Marketers Need in 2023 [New Research]

Published: 2022-10-19

CMI released today B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends: Insights for 2023. Find out what your peers have to say about their challenges, operations, teams, and success. Continue reading

Content-Creator Video Dethrones Must-See TV [IAB Research]

Published: 2022-10-14

We’ve been TikTok-ed. For the first time, people are watching more hours of creator-oriented content than streaming, cable, and broadcast TV combined. And investment in creator-oriented content is skyrocketing, says … Continue reading

Content Marketers Share Salaries, Career Paths, and More in 2023 [New Research]

Published: 2022-10-05

Over 1,000 content marketers reveal their salaries, career paths, working conditions, and more. Find out what they had to say in CMI’s Content Marketing Career & Salary 2023 Outlook. Continue reading

8 Must-Haves for High-Quality Original Research

Published: 2022-08-15

Original research can be a great content marketing asset to build authority. But if you don’t follow this advice, you could be risking your credibility. Here’s how to create high-quality research. Continue reading

The Empowered Business Buyer Is a Myth [New Demand Generation Research]

Published: 2022-05-12

Based on CMI’s 2022 Content Marketing for Demand Generation survey, a newly released report illustrates a return to some demand generation priorities of the past and recognizes (and challenges) the myth of the empowered buyer. Continue reading

Tech Marketers Shine But Face a Big Hurdle: Content Operations [New Research]

Published: 2022-03-23

Tech marketers have a good handle on content marketing, according to the latest CMI research. But that doesn’t mean they’ve avoided the challenges and growing pains experienced by their colleagues in other industries. Continue reading