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LI and CMI Research

Published: 2018-05-04

To download the results from the LinkedIn and CMI research – and get started on better alignment between sales and marketing in your organization – click here. 

Content Marketing and Sales Alignment: Bridging the Gap [New Research]


Tension between sales and marketing in the B2B environment persists. It can create an innovative atmosphere. Or it can be the blame game. Learn how content has changed (and can change) the sales and marketing environment. Continue reading

10 (Mostly) Quick Wins to Steal for Your Original Research Project

Published: 2018-04-25

Investing time and money into original research makes sense because research works. But if you only publish the initial findings, you’re losing ROI. Read on for common missed opportunities – and how not to miss them with your research. Continue reading

3 Keyword Research Trends to Reshape Your Content Optimization

Published: 2018-04-16

Keyword research is the fuel to a content marketing strategy. It helps you understand what your audience wants to know and what your competition is doing. Follow these trends to reshape how you brainstorm, create, and optimize content. Continue reading

Thinking of Creating Original Research? 8 Things to Consider

Published: 2018-03-28

Conducting original research to gather data for e-books, reports, blog posts, etc., requires planning. These eight things are essential for high-quality research to position your brand as a thought leader and helpful resource. Continue reading

Tech Marketers Think Outside the Buyer’s Journey [New Research]

Published: 2018-03-14

Are technology marketers moving away from creating content for the buyer’s journey? The CMI research team asked that question as it analyzed the data from the eighth annual content marketing survey. Learn that answer and more. Continue reading

A 30-Minute Hack for Nonprofits to Improve Their Content Marketing [New Research]

Published: 2018-03-07

Nearly all nonprofit marketers would benefit greatly by taking one month to power up their content marketing programs. That’s a logical conclusion based on what nonprofit marketers had to say in CMI/Marketing Profs’ annual survey. Continue reading

5 Things Highly Committed Content Marketers Do Better [New UK Research]

Published: 2018-01-17

New CMI research shows even a small shift in commitment level can make a big difference in your content marketing success. Discover the five things more committed U.K. marketers do that the less committed don’t. Which ones do you do? Continue reading

Are B2C Content Marketing Teams Getting What They Need to Succeed? [New Research]

Published: 2017-12-06

B2C marketers soon may find the pressure to do more outpaces the content marketing team’s ability to keep up. That’s just one takeaway from today’s release of B2C Content Marketing 2018: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America. Continue reading

Beyond the Build – What Content Marketers in Australia Must Do Next [New Research]

Published: 2017-11-15

More Australian content marketers say their organizations focus on building audiences. But CMI’s latest research also reveals too few marketers are taking the long view – providing audience-first content and building trust over time. Continue reading