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Why Long-Tail Search Rules (and what to do about it)

Published: 2011-03-17

Listened to Chris Baggott from Compendium talk yesterday at the AMA Content Marketing conference about the power of mixing social and search. Here are some stats from Chris that will get you thinking: 88% of clicks come from organic search … Continue reading

20 SEO and Keyword Tips for Your Best Google Rankings in 2020

Published: 2020-01-02

As you dig in with your SEO strategies in 2020, stick with what you do well and prioritize time for organic search tactics. Here are 20 SEO opportunities you may be neglecting that could boost your rankings. Continue reading

How to Get Google Eyes for Your Content

Published: 2019-05-13

Organic search is a competitive playing field. How can you get your content to stand out? It must attract Google’s attention. To do that, make sure you’re sending these seven signals. Continue reading

4 Google Analytics Reports Every Content Marketer Should Use

Published: 2017-03-03

While you can use the data from Google Analytics in infinite ways, you need to understand the four most helpful reports for your content marketing – traffic, navigation summary, traffic from organic search, and conversions. Continue reading

The 5 Most Popular Content Analytics Articles on CMI

Published: 2020-06-30

You “voted” and we’re reporting. Discover our five most popular articles about content analytics. They cover performance metrics that matter, Google reports you need, plus social media and influencer evaluation. Continue reading

17+ Free Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Content

Published: 2020-06-01

Maybe your content promotion budget’s been slashed. Maybe you never had one. Whatever the reason, these ideas will help your audience find your content and you only have to spend time to do them.
Continue reading

A Quick Audit to See If Your Content Passes a COVID-19 Exam

Published: 2020-05-26

If your content doesn’t convey awareness and sensitivity around COVID-19’s all-encompassing impact, it will affect your audience’s perception of your brand. Here’s how to check your content before you wreck your brand value. Continue reading

Content Marketing Can Do More Than Survive in the New World

Published: 2020-04-14

Following the tenets of content marketing can be more than a survival technique in 2020 and beyond. In fact, content marketing is poised to be the shining star of a brand’s marketing mix in this new world. Let me explain. Continue reading

The Why, When, and How of Republishing Blog Posts

Published: 2020-04-06

When your audience is crunched for time or the times have changed, it could be a good time to republish your old content. Get more mileage out of your pieces that are still valid and relevant. It’s a win-win for you and your audience. Continue reading

When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Create Long-Form Content

Published: 2020-04-02

It’s a mistake to write 2,000-plus-word blog posts only because you heard long-form content delivers higher rankings. A more thoughtful approach is required to attract an audience and keep it reading. Continue reading