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7+ Ways to Attract Searchers and Boost Your SEO Rankings

Published: 2016-03-04

By understanding how Google incorporates user metrics to influence ranking results, you can take steps to ensure that your content attracts searchers to click on your page and stay on your site. Here are 7 ways to boost your rankings. Continue reading

Search vs. Social Media: How Audience ‘Intent’ Can Affect Content Marketing Performance

Published: 2015-11-23

Want to rank high in search and earn high social engagement? You can’t do it with a single piece of content. Learn how understanding your audience’s intent –on search or social – can make a difference in your content marketing success. Continue reading

Content Forecast Calls for Users, Search Engines, Customization, and More

Published: 2015-09-04

Content marketers must be more like meteorologists than fortune tellers. Forget gazing into a crystal ball to see the future, we must make educated forecasts. Reading these 15 insights will help a lot more than asking the Magic 8 Ball. Continue reading

A 4-Point Plan to Boost Your Website’s Authority for Search Engines

Published: 2015-04-20

A website’s authority contributes to how high or low it appears in the Search Engine Result Pages. You can proactively improve your site’s authority by creating great, relevant content and following this four-point booster plan. Continue reading

6 Free Tools to Help Keyword Research

Published: 2015-01-14

Nowadays, it’s not only risky to focus on certain keywords, but it’s counterproductive. Google wants to understand concepts, not the exact sequence of words searchers type. These six free tools can really help your keyword searches. Continue reading

Why Your Online Content Needs Both Social and Search Optimization

Published: 2014-06-22

While many marketers will debate what comes first (content vs. social media vs. SEO) the most practical approach is to use the tactics necessary for your target audience in order to “be the best answer” wherever customers are looking. Find out more about how to integrate search and social for more effective online content. Continue reading

Social and Search News that May Change Your Content Marketing

Published: 2014-03-28

This week, Joe and Robert talk about the latest Facebook algorithm change, which pretty much ensures that companies will have to pay Facebook to get their content marketing noticed. At the same time, they discuss Google’s decision to hunt guest blogging spammers. And, after a nice dialog on transparency, Robert covers the bases of this week’s This Old Marketing example. Continue reading

8 Tips to Tailor Your Blog Content for Local Search

Published: 2013-08-20

Local businesses often find themselves in an increasingly competitive SEO landscape. To compete online with local franchises and offices of national chains/brands make sure your content is tailored to impact local search engine results and nurture a local audience. Use these 8 tips to better position your blog content for local search. Continue reading

19 Content Tools to Boost Your Search Performance

Published: 2013-08-05

A question about SEO tools for content marketers came up in a recent CMI Twitter Chat. Now we’ve gone beyond tweets to offer details on 19 tools to boost your search performance. This list is not comprehensive, by any means. Use it as a starting point for efforts to improve your content’s findability and search potential. Continue reading

Content Promotion Tips Using Bing’s Social Search

Published: 2012-07-11

Bing, the little search engine that could, is slowly making gains on the Google giant, and 2012 has been a year of many upgrades and changes. Here are some content promotion tips for using Bing’s social search. Continue reading