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How to Structure Your Business Blog Posts to Maximize Conversions

Published: 2015-10-08

You want the content to achieve something. You want to increase your conversions – to put a direct value on the time invested in blogging. Writing blog posts for conversions requires a subtly different approach. Here’s how. Continue reading

8 Free Tools to Boost Your Blog

Published: 2015-10-01

Do you want to take your blog to the next level? These eight free tools will help you gain analytical insight about your blog and for your blog, make it easy for readers to share, lessen the load time, and much more. Continue reading

3-Step Action Plan With Worksheets for 2 Months of Blog Posts

Published: 2015-09-28

Content marketing success requires action, not intentions. These three steps can help you create a blog series that can be as short as three posts or as long as two months. Remove the weekly guesswork and keep your blog on schedule. Continue reading

A Quick Guide to Measuring Your Blog’s Impact on Business

Published: 2015-08-19

How can you demonstrate your blog’s impact to your vice president of marketing or CMO? You need to measure audience engagement and ultimately the effect on your sales pipelines. Here’s an easy-to-read primer to know what to track. Continue reading

11 Ways to Convert Blog Readers Into Customers

Published: 2015-08-12

I can’t afford to waste time, so I have to be sure that the content I create moves the needle for my businesses, drives conversions, and results in a positive ROI for my investment. Here are 11 ways I’ve learned to make that happen. Continue reading

Blogging Guideline FAQs

Published: 2015-08-11

Want the low-down on writing a blog post for CMI? Get the basics, or read on to get more detailed answers to common questions. What is the review process? Each published post goes through a three-step review process to make … Continue reading

5 Ways to Extend Your Blog’s Reach and Grow Your Audience

Published: 2015-07-15

You may not be a superstar with a giant audience. So how can a person or brand with a relatively small following generate big buzz over a new post? Follow these five tips, from finding credible links to creating graphics with quotes. Continue reading

7 Tips for Using Semantic Categories With Your Blog

Published: 2015-06-11

If your organization isn’t categorizing its blog posts, consider the possibility. Categorizing can help your audiences, and your content teams, get more out of your content. Continue reading

Segment Your Blog Content to Drive More Leads and Sales

Published: 2015-06-07

Effective marketing is personal marketing. Generic blog posts or one-size-fits-all emails can no longer be go-to tactics. Discover how to leverage segments in your content to drive more leads and sales with these tips and suggestions. Continue reading

How We Grew Our Blog from 20K to 200K+ Page Views in 1 Year

Published: 2015-05-29

Our blog wasn’t a popular destination. That all changed when we truly committed to content marketing. By implementing these 10 steps, we grew our site from just 20,000 monthly page views to over 200,000 monthly views in just one year. Continue reading