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The Blog Post Checklist for Cranking Your Search Ranking

Published: 2016-05-03

The search gods see all. And they don’t look kindly on your 2010-era SEO. They now are good at sniffing out evidence that shows readers get value from your pages. Check out the 21 tips in this infographic to raise your SEO efforts.
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How to Beat the Battle of an Ineffective Blog

Published: 2016-03-15

Blogging is a versatile, powerful, brand-building content technique; but don’t be fooled – success isn’t easy. If you are struggling to be effective with your blog, tackle the most common issues with these helpful tips. Continue reading

5 Hacks to Improve Your Blog and Get More Traffic

Published: 2015-12-23

If the reality of your blog posts is different from the dream of your blog posts (great traffic, hundreds of comments, thousands of shares), read these five tips for better blogging to boost your readership and your shares. Continue reading

Is It Time to Ditch Your Company Blog’s Comments Section?

Published: 2015-11-10

Once seen as a way to engage public dialogue, comment sections have become the refuge for trolls, a referendum on silence, and have been abandoned for social media. Are you going to keep comments? Here are three tips for doing it right. Continue reading

How to Take Advantage of the Latest Blogging Trends

Published: 2015-11-08

What role should blogging play in today’s content marketing strategy? Learn the latest trends and the potential impact on your blog from a recent Orbit Media survey. Plus, get tips to take full advantage of this still-powerful channel. Continue reading

How I Beat Neil Patel on His Own Blog (and Grew My Network at the Same Time)

Published: 2015-10-11

I beat Neil Patel – that respected and really successful content marketer and blogger. OK, it was a one-post comparison, but I still had 20% more shares. Let’s look at seven-plus characteristics that may have contributed to my victory.
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How to Structure Your Business Blog Posts to Maximize Conversions

Published: 2015-10-08

You want the content to achieve something. You want to increase your conversions – to put a direct value on the time invested in blogging. Writing blog posts for conversions requires a subtly different approach. Here’s how. Continue reading

8 Free Tools to Boost Your Blog

Published: 2015-10-01

Do you want to take your blog to the next level? These eight free tools will help you gain analytical insight about your blog and for your blog, make it easy for readers to share, lessen the load time, and much more. Continue reading

3-Step Action Plan With Worksheets for 2 Months of Blog Posts

Published: 2015-09-28

Content marketing success requires action, not intentions. These three steps can help you create a blog series that can be as short as three posts or as long as two months. Remove the weekly guesswork and keep your blog on schedule. Continue reading

A Quick Guide to Measuring Your Blog’s Impact on Business

Published: 2015-08-19

How can you demonstrate your blog’s impact to your vice president of marketing or CMO? You need to measure audience engagement and ultimately the effect on your sales pipelines. Here’s an easy-to-read primer to know what to track. Continue reading