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The Ultimate Guide to Content Curation [White Paper]

Published: 2015-01-19

This 80+ page guide, featuring over 30 marketing experts, will teach you how to get started with content curation. This guide will show you why content curation is important, what content curation is and how you can put curation to … Continue reading

Improve Health Outcomes with Digital Health Marketing [White Paper]

Published: 2015-01-12

The most successful healthcare companies will focus their products or services on enhancing patient engagement and the doctor-patient relationship. Download this white paper to learn how to use digital marketing to sort through the healthcare ecosystem and make sure all … Continue reading

Automation Demystified [White Paper]

Published: 2014-10-01

A modern marketer’s guide to email automation We’ve all heard it – email automation is the best way to deliver personalized content at just the right moment, when people are more likely to open, click and buy. So why aren’t … Continue reading

Why White Papers Still Matter: Their Role in Effective Content Marketing

Published: 2014-09-21

The white paper is not dead. While versions of the concept may have proliferated and diluted its potential power, if done right the white paper still matters. Find out more about the best way to leverage this old marketing workhorse for effective content marketing given our plugged-in, multi-channel world. Continue reading

Content Promotion & Distribution Cheat Sheet [White Paper]

Published: 2014-07-31

Ensure your content gets read by the audiences that matter to your brand This cheat sheet helps define and give direction for leveraging the emerging field of content distribution and promotion. Great content goes unread every day and most of … Continue reading

Native Advertising Goes Home [White Paper]


Native Advertising. It’s the Buzz. But What Are the Facts? Find out what almost 3,000 home and building projects consumers said about native advertising and content marketing as it relates to the home building and DIY products, categories and brands. … Continue reading

10 Common Webinar Mistakes and How to Avoid Them [White Paper]

Published: 2014-06-30

Today, simply giving a webinar isn’t enough. Companies must deliver great webinars that really stand out. Unfortunately, many webinars fall short of success. Almost always, it is because companies delivering webinars make one or more of 10 common webinar mistakes. … Continue reading

Four Steps to Audience Profiles That Pay Off [White Paper]

Published: 2014-06-06

Content That Connects Starts With Audience Insights Knowing your audience is key to any winning content strategy. This white paper tells how to establish audience insights through profiles and personas so you can create content that delights and builds loyalty. … Continue reading

Content Curation Look Book [White Paper]

Published: 2013-08-26

Real-World Examples of Curation Inspiration The Content Curation Look Book includes a collection of examples ranging from Intel and Adobe to the Oregon Wine Board, on how marketers are using curation for their organizations. This Look Book is meant to … Continue reading

4 Keys to Compelling Content Marketing with White Papers

Published: 2013-08-22

CMI’s Framework white paper concisely communicates the principles that drive CMI. Get the inside story on the collaborative process behind the Framework paper and how it came together. And from this origin story, take away 4 keys to compelling content marketing that will enrich your own white paper efforts. Continue reading