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Strategic Guide to DAM Metadata

There is great growth happening in the digital asset management space and there are important and practical applications of DAM metadata that any organization can make use of. There are also considerable problems that can occur if you don’t use your metadata correctly.

Download this guide to learn more about the use and benefit of DAM metadata.

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Content Operations Self Assessment: How Do You Measure Up?

COVID knocked us all for a blow. Budgets cut, events gone, lead channels changed overnight. With 2021 in sight, marketers are strategizing their post-pandemic approach. Many are looking in alternative technologies, methodologies, and skillsets – but first need to look inward to see where they’re strong and where they’re exposed. Where do you fall? Take our assessment to find out and learn some practical, real-world next steps for advancement.

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Modern Agile Marketing eBook

Faster and Flexible Strategies for Today’s Unpredictable World

Innovative marketers are updating the idea of agile marketing in light of our new normal – let’s call it “Modern Agile Marketing.” What makes it modern is obvious. We’re all living and working in a new reality, and we’re still discovering how—and how much—things will change.

Download our latest eBook where we’re sharing five of our best-practice recommendations for embracing Modern Agile Marketing to create faster and flexible strategies for today’s unpredictable world.

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The Ultimate Guide to Headless CMS

Understanding the technology that powers today’s leading content organizations

Now more than ever, great content marketing is about creating cohesive, personalized customer experiences across all channels. Creating a powerful message is step one—but how do you deliver it?

More and more organizations turn to a new kind of content management system to put their vision of multi-device, multi-channel content marketing into action: A headless CMS. In this ebook, you’ll learn what a headless CMS is and how your team could benefit from one.

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Additional White Papers for Marketers

2 Must-Have Tactics For Your Next Tracking Study

Awareness, Trial, and Usage studies are well-known forms of tracking. But what happens when you think of a new question, need to take a deeper dive into one KPI, or want to quickly follow-up on a learning from an in-flight ATU?

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Adobe Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Speed up and simplify your Adobe Illustrator workflow.

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Automation, AI, and Analytics: Reinventing ITSM

IT service management (ITSM) is a hub of digital transformation and constant change. In Automation, AI, and Analytics: Reinventing ITSM, EMA analysts Dennis Drogseth and Valerie O’Connell investigate the new ways in which artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and analytics are redefining ITSM’s role in business innovation, services, and organizational reinvention.

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Buyer's Guide & Checklist: When AdWords Isn't Enough - Why & How To Choose PPC Software

Searching for the right PPC management software? This free guide and checklist will help you determine what to look for.

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COVID-19 Digital Listening for Property and Casualty

Group and Individual Benefits Insights and Trends Amidst COVID-19

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Driving Webinar Registration Best Practices Guide

Learn how to drive webinar registration and increase webinar attendance

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Five Lies Every CMO Should Know About Going Mobile

Make sure you lead your brand along the path to mobile excellence.

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How To Measure Success In Content Marketing

Content marketing is about creating meaningful connections with your audience and tying them back to your business goals.

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Kurt Shaver on #SocialSelling: Leveraging LinkedIn and Other Social Apps to Grow Your Business

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Millennials as Brand Advocates - New Research Study Results

What You Need to Know to Engage the Most Important Consumer Generation.

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