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Messaging & Positioning Framework

It’s no secret that great messaging – that’s simple and appealing – doesn’t happen overnight. It’s critical that each touchpoint aligns with the overall brand and resonates with your audience. But how do you get started? Create a clear brand message and ensure your team is fully aligned. Download the Messaging framework guide and template today.

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An Introduction to Modern ESPs

Entry-level email service providers (ESPs) may be low on cost and resources needed for management, but with that comes limitations to campaign personalization, scalability, and data management. At some point, this system slows—or even prevents—growth.

In this introduction to modern ESPs, you will learn how to identify what your team needs from an ESP and how to choose a modern system with optimal business growth in mind.

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How To Create Content For Different Customer Personas

Creating content for multiple personas in an organization is a difficult task for any marketing team. Download this ebook now to uncover the best practices for creating content for different personas in target organizations!

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In these specialized sections, we’ve compiled advice, insights and resources on an array of trending topics from our sponsors.

[New research] Global State of PR 2020 Report by Talkwalker

New report details industry challenges, trends and insights from over 3,000 marcomms & PR pros worldwide. Discover how the level of PR maturity in your region will help you unlock a competitive advantage for your marketing & communications strategy. Get a copy of the report today.

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How Native Ads Improve Content Strategy

In our new research, Outbrain looked at the power and value of native advertising for content distribution and how marketers can avoid missed opportunities by understanding what audiences are truly interested in.


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Additional White Papers for Marketers

2018 State of B2B Marketing Technology

Growing Emphasis & Investment On Personnel To Manage TCO & ROI From Expanding Tech Stacks.

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42 Rules of Marketing

The concept of the 42 rules is that almost anything in life can be summarized into 42 distinct ideas that capture the essence of the topic.

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5 Ways AdTech Can Scale Account-Based Marketing

Buyer habits are changing. Today's B2B buyers want to engage with your marketing on their own terms, and they expect your marketing to cater to those expectations, whether they're engaging on social media, online search, mobile, video... the list goes on.

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Beverage Industry

Covers the entire beverage marketplace reaching beverage producers, distributors and retailers.

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Closing the Loop on Social Leads

A key part of business interaction is building and engaging with audiences over social networks. Activate a solid social strategy with this White Paper from HootSuite.

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Marketing Automation Software: 2020 Pricing Guide

Compare the costs of top software systems and applications you'll need in 2020 for your business to grow.

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Social Media Marketing: Solution Evaluation and Selection Guide

A practical guide for discovering, evaluating, and buying the social media marketing solution that's right for your organization.

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The Five-Step Guide for Better Social Media Security

As more businesses embrace the power of social media, related security breaches are also on the rise. Corporate Twitter hackings. Rogue employees taking over the company Facebook account. Top executives releasing confidential info to their personal networks. These sorts of crises can be catastrophic for your brand. Do you know how to avoid them?

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The User Engagement Top 100 Report: Email Marketing in E-Commerce

We analyzed the email strategies of the top 100 e-retailers in the U.S. to study how they engage their customers.

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User Engagement Top 100: Subscription Retailers

We evaluated the omni-channel messaging strategies of the top 100 U.S. subscription retailers to uncover how they engage users across the customer journey.

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