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The Shifting Landscape of Marketing and the Rise of Virtualization in the Post-COVID Economy

In the aftermath of COVID-19 most every aspect of “business as usual” has been disrupted and will be forever changed. In this white paper, the teams at OpenExchange and TribalVision will discuss our collective new normal, from both a marketing and sales perspective. Included are strategies focused on adjusting to our new reality and positioning your business in the best way to succeed, as it relates to your overall marketing strategy, in-person events, and sales and marketing communications.

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The Extra 1%: Delivering a memorable content experience

Your customers expect memorable, unique content experiences. However, most companies fail to fulfill these expectations, leaving behind a trail of unhappy and unsatisfied customers. In this guide, you’ll learn how to consistently deliver the extra 1% and provide customers with a memorable content experience.


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Additional White Papers for Marketers

7 Key Influencer Marketing Strategies for Food Brands

Influencer Marketing is the idea of partnering with social content creators, those with key audience's on networks like Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and others, to help satisfy the consumer's insatiable appetite for stories and opinions about products they buy.

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Better Lead Yield in the Content Marketing Field

If you are currently creating content, this report will show you how real decision makers interact with B2B content, and how you can enhance the effectiveness of your content marketing.

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CSO Insights: Sales Enablement Optimization Study

This year's report reveals a picture of sales organizations in dire need of support.

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Gamification: Delivering Winning Social Customer Experiences

Download this White Paper, and learn how the introduction of gaming dynamics into online social experiences can reap enormous benefits for brands.

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How to Design an Infographic in 9 Simple Steps

Learn the 9 important points you should be taking into account when it comes to this visual content.

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Marketing & Communications Playbook For Higher Ed During COVID-19

How to communicate in a crisis for Higher Ed

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Modernize Your IT Monitoring With Predictive Analytics

IT monitoring technology is moving forward rapidly, thanks in large part to machine learning and predictive analytics. If you’re still getting by with a legacy IT solution, you’re missing out on a lot more than a shiny object. The benefits of a New IT approach are being proven every day.

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The Essential Guide to Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Social advertising has become one of the best ways to connect with e-commerce customers and grow sales channels.

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The Essentials for CMOs - 2020 Kit

Download this kit to learn everything you need to know about executive marketing.

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Wiley's Brand Marketing Book Bundle -- A Free 141 Page Sampler

A diverse collection of Branding tips, tricks, and insights from some of todayâ??s leading authors.

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