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The Ultimate Guide to Sales Enablement

Organizations that have undertaken a sales enablement initiative have seen a 350% increase in content usage, 65% more revenue generated by new reps and a 13.7% increase in average deal size.

Our Ultimate Guide to Sales Enablement answers all the questions you never knew you had about this emerging field including how organizations are using sales enablement to help supercharge their bottom line.

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Messaging & Positioning Framework

It’s no secret that great messaging – that’s simple and appealing – doesn’t happen overnight. It’s critical that each touchpoint aligns with the overall brand and resonates with your audience. But how do you get started? Create a clear brand message and ensure your team is fully aligned. Download the Messaging framework guide and template today.

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How To Create Content For Different Customer Personas

Creating content for multiple personas in an organization is a difficult task for any marketing team. Download this ebook now to uncover the best practices for creating content for different personas in target organizations!

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[New research] Global State of PR 2020 Report by Talkwalker

New report details industry challenges, trends and insights from over 3,000 marcomms & PR pros worldwide. Discover how the level of PR maturity in your region will help you unlock a competitive advantage for your marketing & communications strategy. Get a copy of the report today.

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An Introduction to Modern ESPs

Entry-level email service providers (ESPs) may be low on cost and resources needed for management, but with that comes limitations to campaign personalization, scalability, and data management. At some point, this system slows—or even prevents—growth.

In this introduction to modern ESPs, you will learn how to identify what your team needs from an ESP and how to choose a modern system with optimal business growth in mind.

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Additional White Papers for Marketers

10 Ways to Better Engage App Users in 10 Seconds

10 seconds is an eternity to an app user. So how do you make your app stand out so quickly?

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5 Easy Measurement Tactics to Jumpstart Your Instagram Strategy

Analyze the metrics that matter and make Instagram work for your brand.

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7 Best Practices for Push Messaging

Learn the 7 tenants of Good Push.

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Bad Push Guide

With push, customers give you permission to interrupt their day. And if you abuse this privilege, customers will delete your app faster than you can say Bad Push.

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Designing a World-Class Brand Tracking Study

Too many organizations still make important decisions without brand tracking.

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How Digital Displays Can Help Your Business Stand Out in a Crowd

Savvy retailers are always looking for new opportunities to differentiate themselves from their competitors; to stand out, to delight, and create excitement.

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Social Insights Report: How Recruiters Engage on Twitter

Despite all the technology available, your ability to reach, engage, and influence business decision makers is still limited

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The Content Marketing Institute Original 4-Book Bundle

Practical, how-to guidance and advice from experts in content marketing.

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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Activation

The #1 guide to encourage and persuade your employees to start generating content and marketing ROI.

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Top Ten Considerations for Choosing a Server Virtualization Technology

This checklist provides the main considerations and basic differences between the technologies to provide a starting point for technology evaluation.

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