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The Shifting Landscape of Marketing and the Rise of Virtualization in the Post-COVID Economy

In the aftermath of COVID-19 most every aspect of “business as usual” has been disrupted and will be forever changed. In this white paper, the teams at OpenExchange and TribalVision will discuss our collective new normal, from both a marketing and sales perspective. Included are strategies focused on adjusting to our new reality and positioning your business in the best way to succeed, as it relates to your overall marketing strategy, in-person events, and sales and marketing communications.

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The Extra 1%: Delivering a memorable content experience

Your customers expect memorable, unique content experiences. However, most companies fail to fulfill these expectations, leaving behind a trail of unhappy and unsatisfied customers. In this guide, you’ll learn how to consistently deliver the extra 1% and provide customers with a memorable content experience.


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Additional White Papers for Marketers

5 Elements of Successful B2B Email Marketing

An email marketing campaign is a direct marketing tactic with relatively low costs and potentially high Return-On-Investment.

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6 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Presence in 2019

It's become nearly impossible to grow your customer base and sales without a social media presence.

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Amplify your Webinars: Get the NetLine-ON24 Blueprint for Increasing Lead Volume

This is a recording of a live presentation with slides from Webinar World, featuring ON24 to share their success as NetLine clients.

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Becoming a Brand DJ

Mix owned and earned content to create unique brand experiences.

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Displaying your Physical Products and Delivering a Compelling Customer Trade Show Experience

Learn how Marketers use Interactive Product Demonstrations to engage and excite!

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How to Promote and Measure Hashtag Campaigns

Learn how hashtags can connect your social audience.

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The 2020 B2B Marketing Mix Report

Get the marketing data you need to plan your marketing program and finalize your budget for 2020.

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When You Can't Translate Everything: Managing Translation Expectations

Managing a global website and frustrated by an insufficient translation budget? You're not alone.

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Why Marketers Are Using Single View of Customers For Better Personalized Targeting

In the race to win today's fickle, device-centric customers with the type of immediate 1:1 experiences they've come to expect, brands must be able to unify all of their data into a centralized, durable profile that can be used for targeting and personalization across all touchpoints.

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Why True Personalization Is Critical To Your Business

True personalization is more than just customizing a promotional email or newsletter with each customer's first name; it's about creating unique experiences for each and every customer.

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