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Webcasts & Virtual Events 2019 Benchmark Report

A new study looking at trends from attendance to engagement. Use these best practices as a guide to boost engagement and increase ROI.

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In these specialized sections, we’ve compiled advice, insights and resources on an array of trending topics from our sponsors.

Eliminating Friction in the Funnel

If one section of your marketing funnel works well while another is problematic – you’re not alone. Learn the secrets of creating a frictionless funnel and gain key insights to optimize lead conversion and driving organizational growth.

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Additional White Papers for Marketers

Developing an Account-Based Marketing Program

This workbook is full of templates, instructions, meeting agendas, technology recommendations and more to convert potential into real achievements.

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How to Go Local on Facebook: Franchise Edition

Many brands today already have a corporate presence on social media. However, that is no longer enough.

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Making the Workplace a Brand-Defining Space

This report explores where and how marketing and HR leaders are collaborating on new ways to organizationally reinforce and reflect their brand values and qualities.

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Marketing Has Changed. Don't Be Left Behind.

The workforce is evolving to be more collaborative, distributed, and autonomous than ever. Read this whitepaper and learn how you can support the needs and expectations of today's dynamic marketing teams.

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Stop Wasting Money! Reduce Spend without Reducing Overall Performance of Your PPC Campaigns

Discover 7 key strategies to help reduce your PPC campaign spend without impacting performance.

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The Essential Guide to Social Marketing Campaigns

Learn the five essential pillars to successful social campaigns that drive business growth.

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The Facebook Survival Kit - 75 Tips, Tricks, Tools, Resources, and Hacks for Businesses

Ramp up your reach and dramatically increase your audience growth and engagement with the tips and tricks in this resource.

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The Millennials are Here - How Generational Differences Impact B2B Buying Committees Today

For B2B marketing and sales teams to continue finding success, they must be able to identify, acknowledge, and respond to the generational differences of today’s new buying committees.

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The Perfect Storm in Enterprise Video: Act Now or Get Left Behind

Find out the trends impacting collaboration in the enterprise and the technologies and architectures enterprises should be leveraging in this research note by Aragon Research.

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The Top 5 Tools for Social Proof (and Why They Matter Now More Than Ever)

Gain insights into the most cost effective way to secure social proof for your business.

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