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Stop Building Your Branded Content on “Rented Land”

pnr-this old marketing logoPNR: This Old Marketing with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose can be found on both iTunes and Stitcher.

This week, Robert and I discuss the LinkedIn job bank fiasco, and debate whether or not agencies really can do content marketing well. In addition, we explain our thoughts on whether or not marketers should publish branded content on platforms they don’t own, and offer some critical reviews of Facebook’s algorithm changes. Lastly, we explore this week’s #thisoldmarketing example: Patagonia’s Footprint Chronicles.

This week’s show

(Recorded live on March 3, 2014; Length: 56:44)

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Show overview

1. Content Marketing in the News

  • LinkedIn Announces Member Blocking (7:00): Robert and I explore LinkedIn’s announcement of new functionalities that allow users to block members and provide a number of additional privacy tools (contributing article: LinkedIn).
  • Is Native Advertising Misleading Readers? (9:30): Guardian columnist Bob Garfield takes native advertising to task. Robert and I ask ourselves whether he’s just ranting or if there are actually viable solutions out there? (contributing article: The Guardian).
  • Can Agencies Handle Content Marketing? (14:24): We explore a three-article bonanza on things that progressive agencies are doing to produce epic content marketing — and the things that brands need to keep in mind when working with agencies (contributing articles: Digiday on why brands are cutting out agencies; AdvertisingAge on myths about in-house creatives; Digiday on whether agencies are equipped to do content marketing).
  • Miracle-Gro Launches Content Site on Growing (21:50): Scotts’ Miracle-Gro launched a fantastic content “campaign” called Grow Something Greater. Robert and I discuss our thoughts on whether or not we think it’s built to last (contributing article: The New York Times).


  • Why We Shouldn’t Build Branded Content on “Rented Land” (28:20): Robert and I discuss a profound article by John Battelle on why brands should not give in to publishing on the likes of Facebook (contributing article: Battelle Media).
  • The Future of Journalism Education (35:16): We share our conclusions on why the direction that journalism education seems to be headed may provide great opportunities for brands (contributing article: Poynter). On a related note, the future of content marketing education got a bit stronger this week, with the launch of CMI’s new Training and Certification program. Find out how you can access free classes here.
  • The Coming Boom in News Media (39:40): Investor and entrepreneur Marc Andreessen believes that the future of news content creation has never been stronger (contributing site: Wired).
  • Why Facebook Is More Like Verizon Than Google (42:28):Youtility author (and friend of CMI) Jay Baer theorizes that Facebook is turning into Verizon, and explains how Google, Facebook, and Amazon are splitting up the web world (contributing site: Convince and Convert).


2. Rants & Raves (45:17)

  • Joe’s Rant: I discuss why some B2B companies need to get out of the dark ages, and conquer their fear of the “competition” seeing their content.
  • Robert’s Rant: In addition, Robert rants about the thinking that content marketing can be automated, from both content curation and content creation standpoints.

3. This Old Marketing Example of the Week (51:30)

  • Patagonia: The Footprint Chronicles: The Footprint Chronicles examines Patagonia’s life and habits as a company. The goal is to use transparency about our supply chain to help us reduce our adverse social and environmental impacts and on an industrial scale. We’ve been in business long enough to know that when we can reduce or eliminate a harm, other businesses will be eager to follow suit.”

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