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LinkedIn Moves to Dominate Content Publishing

pnr-this old marketing logoPNR: This Old Marketing with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose can be found on both iTunes and Stitcher.

In this week’s episode, Robert and I talk about some big content publishing news: LinkedIn is opening up its publishing program for all users. We also discuss BuzzFeed’s advice for content success, analyze the implications of Sprinklr’s purchase of Dachis, and share content marketing examples from Toyota and Chevron, before exploring a This Old Marketing example of the week from Thomas Edmonds.

This week’s show

(Recorded live on February 24, 2014; Length: 53:27)

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Show overview

1. Content Marketing in the News

  • ABC News Thinks LEGO Is Out for Oscar (2:15): The 2014 Academy Award nominees have yet to hit the red carpet, yet The LEGO Movie is already being considered a front-runner for Best Animated Feature in 2015 (contributing article:
  • LinkedIn Opens Up Publishing to Everyone (3:45): LinkedIn announced that it is gradually going to grant publishing rights on the platform to all its members, bringing a whole new dimension to the possibilities in brand publishing (contributing article: LinkedIn).
  • BuzzFeed’s Content Marketing Secrets Revealed (9:04): BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti shares its three key principles for successful content marketing: creating longer posts, moving focus away from vanity metrics, and embracing the power of video content (contributing article: eMarketing Association).
  • Sprinklr Buys Dachis Group (14:30): Part of our ongoing exploration of content marketing and social media M&As, Robert discusses this new deal’s impact on content marketers (contributing article: AdWeek).
  • An Amazon-Branded Set-Top Box Seems Likely (20:30): Yes, it seems that Amazon is set to join Apple and Microsoft in the battle for connected-home dominance (contributing article: Mashable).
  • Pandora and Toyota Partner on Content (25:00): Toyota launches an audio content marketing initiative with Pandora (contributing article: iMediaConnection).
  • Chevron Continues Local News Site in Richmond, Calif., (29.55): Robert and I explore the growing trend of brands taking over local news reporting (contributing site: Richmond Standard). (A special shout-out to Rachel Gregg for sending this our way.)

2. Rants & Raves (33:20)

  • Joe’s Rant: I take Greg Satell to task for his Forbes post on the history of content marketing, in which he expresses his belief that content strategy is overrated. I also summarize a recent rant I wrote for LinkedIn about the WhatsApp purchase and job growth.
  • Robert’s Rave: Robert heavily researched Sports Illustrated‘s new swimsuit issue (!), and uncovered some ways content marketers can follow in the footsteps of this successful content brand.

3. Listener Question (42:45)

This week’s question comes from Jonathan Bean via Twitter (Thanks Jonathan!)

Is there any difference between brand journalism and content marketing — love your view? #thisoldmarketing

Robert and I also discuss James Gardner’s email question on the significance of Yahoo! seeking to upgrade its ad standards (contributing article: NYTimes).

4. This Old Marketing Example of the Week (48:50)

  • In 1908, New Zealander Thomas Edmonds first published the Edmonds Cookery Book to support his Edmonds baking powder product. The book first started in print, but as Edmonds’ product line has expanded over the years, so too have its online content offerings. (A special shout-out to Brendon Livingstone for sharing this great example with PNR.)


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