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Disguises Are for Superheroes – Not Great Content [The Weekly Wrap]

This week in content marketing, we’re talking about the opposite of clickbait, the solid growth in search volume for marketing terms, and a sweet (overlooked) content opportunity. 


Helpful launch code hides in plain sight


WHAT: The dry, label headline Automated Email Sequence Examples hides a useful article. Marisa Sanfilippo’s piece distills comprehensive information into what could be mistaken for a simple examples post. Despite the less-than-inviting headline, it’s a great read with detailed advice for anyone interested in learning about or improving their automated email nurturing programs.

An image showing an email on automated email sequence examples from

WHY IT MATTERS: Headlines matter. You’ll never know how well your content performs if the headline doesn’t reflect its value and attract readers. From a performance perspective, it’s worse than clickbait. While clickbait headlines overpromise – and the articles underdeliver – they do get traffic. (The problem is they also create distrust.) But an under-promising headline (or email subject line) usually leads to low content consumption from the start.

What’s worse than clickbait? Boring headlines that sabotage interest in your #ContentMarketing. See an example that proves the rule, via @CMIcontent. #WeeklyWrap Click To Tweet

HOW IT WAS DISCOVERED: The CMI team noticed the article, which cites our B2B research.

Interest in marketing-related search topics grew in 2021

WHO: Fractl and Semrush

WHAT: A new report from Fractl and Semrush called 2021 Data-Backed Digital Marketing Predictions analyzes global search traffic and organic traffic data between January 2019 and October 2020.

The report includes a graphic on searches for marketing-related terms that shows interest in information about digital public relations, content marketing, pay per click, email marketing, SEO, and social media marketing.

An image of a chart showing global search volumes by marketing tactic. The information was taken from the 2020 Fractl and Semrush study of search volume data.

WHY IT MATTERS: Though every category in the chart above experienced higher volumes in 2020 compared to 2019, three maintained or continued that growth by October 2020, including:

That data can help support your business case for tactics falling under those umbrellas. Not only do people have a growing interest in how those strategies can help their business, their apparent lack of knowledge (as indicated by searching for those terms) means those who already have the skills are a step ahead.

We also found the stats around search by desired marketing outcome interesting – “brand authority” and “improve SEO” were at the top.

HOW IT WAS DISCOVERED: Fractl’s Domenica D’Ottavio sent us the post she wrote about the research.

New search #research from @fractlagency and @semrush for marketing topics can boost your case for investment in #ContentMarketing, #EmailMarketing, and #PublicRelations, via @heydomenica @CMIContent. #WeeklyWrap Click To Tweet

On-the-box thinking for brownie mix maker

WHO: Betty Crocker

WHAT: Every brand that sells a brownie mix includes a recipe on the box – necessary and convenient content for the baker. But Betty Crocker doesn’t stop there. The boxes also give a useful tip (seemingly from Betty herself). On the brownie mix box, Betty suggests using a plastic knife to slice through the warm baked goods.

An image of the side of a Betty Crocker brownie mix box showing Betty’s Tip to use a plastic knife to slice through the warm baked goods.

WHY IT MATTERS: Cutting brownies cleanly is a hard job (that’s why people invented special brownie pans that make it easier). For marketers, the examples serves as a reminder that content marketing doesn’t have to stop with your blog, social media, or YouTube channel. Think about your packaging – it’s already in your customers’ hands.

HOW IT WAS DISCOVERED: CMI’s Ann Gynn read the box, tried the plastic knife trick, and realized the magic of Betty’s tip.

What can you learn about #ContentMarketing from @BettyCrocker? We share one sweet (and overlooked) hack in this week’s #WeeklyWrap via @CMIContent. Click To Tweet
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