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A Decision-Maker’s Guide to Making Smart Content Marketing Technology Choices

content marketing technology choices, CMIIn the world of content marketing, technology helps us make so many of our day-to-day decisions that it’s hard to imagine how we could ever do our jobs without it.

Need information on your customers for a project? There’s a survey for that. Need to share that information with peers and colleagues and gather their feedback? Social media platforms have you covered. Need a sugar fix to fuel your late-afternoon content brainstorm? Just grab your phone, tap around a bit, and you can probably have that treat on your desk in no time at all.

But there are some business decisions that are just too important; too dependent on personalized information; too central to your enterprise-wide operations to leave up to computer code and public opinion.

When it comes to choosing which of the myriad available technologies will best meet your unique business needs — and when to use them to meet the needs of your customers at a given point in their purchase process — a little guidance from the experts beats a binary-brained gizmo any day.

To help content marketers take advantage of their technological options — and keep them from getting overwhelmed when choosing a solution – the Content Marketing Institute and Demandbase have collaborated on a new guide: How to Choose Technology that Drives Better Content Marketing Results. The guide offers tips to help B2B marketers approach technology decisions from a well-informed, strategic standpoint and provides a starter list of key technologies and vendors for each stage in the purchase funnel.

Here are just some of the important issues that How to Choose Technology that Drives Better Content Marketing Results will help you address:

  • How technology can be used to streamline and enhance your content processes, and help you better understand your customers’ needs.
  • The content types that work best for a given consumer interaction point, and why.
  • The benefits of an integrated approach to technology implementations, and how this approach can be used to keep prospects moving through the funnel.
  • Key considerations for right-sizing available technology solutions.
  • Questions to ask that will help you narrow your technology consideration sets and zero in on the ones that will work best for your organization.
  • Strategic tips for justifying your selections and securing executive buy-in.

As an additional resource, Jason Stewart, Director of Marketing at Demandbase joined our very own Joe Pulizzi to present a companion webinar, Using Technology to Drive Content Marketing Results. Attendees participated in a more in-depth discussion of content technology challenges and solutions. Register to view the replay.

Looking for extra guidance on understanding and using content marketing technology? Get helpful tips in CMI’s eBook: Building the Perfect Content Marketing Mix: Internal Processes and Content Marketing Strategy Tactics.