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How Audio Enhances Your Brand Content: Find Your Signature Sound

Music can be a key element of your brand's identity that is universally recognizable, whether a customer is on hold with a sales rep, viewing a video or opening your mobile app. Find out how audio can enhance your brand content and learn how to create a signature sound for your brand.

Repurposing Content for New Materials

Find out how to get more from the great content you create through repurposing. After all, we all know that, with all the time and people often involved in effective content creation, content marketing takes a considerable investment.

What Content Marketing's History Means for Its Future

Yes, content marketing, as an industry, is taking off. But it's important to realize where branded content started to understand the direction it should be heading in. Here are some examples of content marketing's illustrious beginnings.

Spark Your Content Creation Creativity With These 8 Podcasts

As a medium, audio represents a powerful and engaging content creation platform. But most podcasts could be better. Here's a look at some podcasting success stories — and the lessons they hold for brands that want to explore the benefits of audio content. Spark your creativity by listening to these 8...

12 Lessons for Focusing Your Content Marketing Strategy on Education

Educating customers and prospects is a great way to generate the right kind of leads. What customers learn can help them in their search for products and services -- and help streamline the sales process for your organization. Use these 12 lessons to focus your content marketing strategy on education.

How and Why Your Content Plan Should Include Numbered Lists: 4 Ideas

It has become widely accepted that content arranged in list form is quicker to find, easier to remember, and more actionable, which makes lists ideal for sharing content as part of a highly effective content plan. Check off these 4 ideas on how and why your content plan should include numbered lists....

When Your Web Content Strategy Can Benefit From Comics: 5 Factors

Like infographics, comics and comic-like visual content have a lot of viral potential. Find out whether your web content strategy might benefit from the use of comics. Use these tips to avoid the most common pitfalls and make use of the format as effectively as possible.

Content Marketing Strategy: Lessons from Good (and Bad) Comedy

The worlds of content marketing and comedy don't exactly overlap, but we're here to tell you that there are lessons to be learned from comedy writing that can apply to content. Seriously, find out how you can use these lessons from good (and bad) comedy writing to improve your content marketing strategy....

5 Tips for Creating Content That's Educational—and Unforgettable

As a content marketer, it would be a good thing if your audience thought of you as a favorite teacher, right? So take a lesson from a couple of students in the know about what makes an ace educator. Use these 5 tips to create content that is educational, engaging, and unforgettable.

5 Steps to Create Compelling Content Through Infographics

Whether you're new to infographics or looking to squeeze more brand recognition, back links, and traffic from your efforts, use this step-by-step guide to develop a winning topic, find the data you need, and get your compelling infographic content in front of the people who matter most.

5 Major Content Marketing Problems (with 5 Helpful Solutions)

Content marketing can be extremely complex. But marketers themselves are often to blame for a lot of the problems they encounter. Check out these 5 content marketing problems complete with 5 solutions that can keep the issues from hindering your ability to create epic content.

8 Remarkable (and Stolen) Content Marketing Ideas

There are fascinating people who have amazing ideas all around the globe. It makes sense to learn from (and make use of) the thoughts of others. Try out these 8 favorite remarkable (and stolen) content marketing ideas. We're sharing them in the hopes that you will also find them to be helpful.