By Scott Aughtmon published June 24, 2016

31 Types of Content We Crave [Infographic]

types-content-craveCan you imagine what it would be like to not just have an audience consume your content, but to crave it?

Well, if you apply what I am about to reveal to you, then your content could become much more craveable. (English majors: Please don’t hate me. According to, Random House Dictionary 2016 edition, “craveable” is a word.)

Four years ago, I shared that your content must resonate with your audience so they follow you where you want to take them.

I also asked what kind of content universally resonates with people. It’s content that:

  • We never get tired of
  • We always have time for  
  • We don’t forget
  • We want to share with others

This is the kind of content we must create if our goal is to influence, inspire, and move to action the unique group of people we have chosen to reach.

To help, I originally created a list of 21 types of content we all love to consume.


Do these types of content still resonate with people? Absolutely. But other types can help marketers as well, which is why I created a follow-up infographic with additional content types.

More types of content we all crave

I thought a lot about other types of content we all crave. I’ve come up with another 10 powerful types.

The 31 types of craveable content can be used in many ways and in many forms (stories are just one way we can harness their power). However, I will simply share the most powerful way – use them to frame your content. Use these types of content to create the lens through which your audience perceives the rest of your content.

As legendary advertising executive Leo Burnett said, “Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.”

Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read via @LeoBurnett #content Click To Tweet

If you employ the types of content we crave, then you’ll be able to create content like you never have. It doesn’t matter whether the content is words on a screen (or paper), audio, or video. These types of content work in any and all forms.

My challenge to you

Print this list and put it somewhere you can see it regularly to help you develop irresistible content as part of your content marketing strategy.

Regularly pick one or more items from this list and ask yourself one of these questions:

  1. Does the content I am writing meet this criteria?
  2. What can I do to make the content I’m creating fall under this category?

What types of craveable content do you use that isn’t on the list? Share in the comments along with your examples of content you crave.

Looking for more insight on creating craveable content? CMI’s 2016 Content Marketing Playbook has tips, insights, and ideas that can help increase your success with 24 of the top content marketing tactics.

Cover image by Joseph Kalinowski/Content Marketing Institute

Author: Scott Aughtmon

Scott Aughtmon is the author of the book 51 Content Marketing Hacks. He is a regular contributor to and he is the person behind the popular infographic 21 Types of Content We Crave. He is a business strategist, consultant, content creation specialist, and speaker. He’s been studying effective marketing and business methods (both online and offline) since 1999. He has a unique perspective and ability to communicate ideas and concepts in a way that can help you climb to new heights. Read more of Scott's insights on his blog. Follow Scott on Twitter @rampbusinesses.

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  • Nancy Johnson

    Content that makes work or personal life a little easier. Content that clarifies something complicated. Content that helps improve job performance (like this infographic).

    • Scott Aughtmon

      Great ones, Nancy! Thanks for add your suggestions.

  • Marilynn Bever

    I am loving this VERY STIMULATING Group of CONTENT IDEAS — What FUN on a FRIDAY ! !

    • Scott Aughtmon

      Hi Marilynn! I am really glad you liked it. Hope it gives you a ton of ideas for content that people will crave. Take care!

  • rogercparker

    Dear Scott:
    I’ve been waiting for an update to your original list, and–as I anticipated–you’ve exceeded my expectations.

    I especially like the challenge you presented, i.e., “Regularly pick one or more items from this list and ask yourself one of these questions…”

    Given the value of your 31 ideas, and the choice of two questions, my only suggestion would be to replace “Regularly” with “Every day…”

    Imagine how the overall level of content would increase if everyone took 15-20 minutes a day to review evaluate something they had posted, or are about to post.

    Great job, Scott! Roger

    • Scott Aughtmon

      Hi Roger! I am glad you liked it.

      And I like your suggestion about every day instead of regularly. Whenever I am creating content I am always trying to figure out a way to use some type of content we crave in it.

      But it would even be good for me to refer to these lists more, because I am sure that by default I use some of these types more than others.

      Have a great weekend, Roger!

  • Lida45698

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  • Erik Engh


    Great Article, I like your approach to content but I am curious have you ever encounter a time where you couldn’t make your writing fall one of the categories?

    • Scott Aughtmon

      Hi Erik,

      Great question. The answer requires a longer space than would be appropriate for a comment, but I can tell you three things:

      1. When I create content, I don’t try to make it fall into one of those specific categories.

      I just always begin with the main idea I want to get across and then I begin thinking about what kind of story I can use to capture people’s attention and frame the main idea I have.

      The lists that I have above are intended to be used to get you to think of and/search for types of content or stories that are different than the default kinds you or I typically use. They’re meant to expand our creativity and enable us to make our content more interesting and diverse.

      2. I will be explaining and giving more detail on how I use “content we crave” in a post on another website (not my own), which will be coming out in about a week from now. If you’re interested in reading that post when it goes live, then contact me at my site and I can email you when it’s up. (You can find my site URL in my bio.)

      3. I have a webinar recording that goes into detail about how I use “content we crave” that is at my site You can go there, if you want to learn more.

  • Carlton546456

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  • Kathryn Poloczek

    Can all these be applied to B2B Marketing IYO? I suppose if we make the audience the business owner then yes. Would appreciate your thoughts!

    • Scott Aughtmon

      Hi Kathryn! Yes, they can be applied to B2B marketing.That’s because these types of content appeal to human nature and people are the ones we are always appealing to, not an inanimate business. Take care!

  • Ivan Bayross

    Hi Scott,

    I spend about 2 hours a day, 6 days a week, reading / studying about Content Marketing. I’ve been doing this for sometime now.

    Occasionally, I encounter content that is superlative in educating me, and is delivered so well laid out, that I have a delightful reading experience.

    Scott, I learned a ton from this Blog post.

    In turn, I’m now sure when I speak about how to craft content that resonates with an audience, I will be heard.

    Because I what I say will be different.
    Because the content I’d deliver will makes so much sense.

    All because I read this Blog post and I learned from it.

    I teach digital marketing to MBA students in my neck of the woods. Getting them to understand the nuances of crafting content that connects with an audience is no easy task.

    I can now use your ideas with my twist (and your images) to make my task simpler and my students a ton better.

    This was a terrific post. I’m glad I landed here after faffing around a while.


    Ivan Bayross

    • Scott Aughtmon

      Hi Ivan,

      Thanks so much for your kind words. You made my day! I am so glad my post was helpful for you. Take care!

    • Mark DSouza

      Thanks Ivan nice to learn more from the comments too.

  • Mark DSouza

    Thanks for the awesome list all compiled together. I reckon itll be useful to set the scene for our brainstorming sessions for content creation and video marketing.

    • Scott Aughtmon

      You’re welcome, Mark! I hope they are helpful to you. Take care!

  • Roger C. Parker

    It’s been 5 months since I first encountered your list, Scott, and I continue to reread it. It’s the perfect creative jumpstart when starting a new project or creating an editorial calendar for a client.

    Question: how about committing to adding an additional 10 points every 6 months?

    • Scott Aughtmon

      Hi Roger! I am glad you have found it helpful. I don’t know if I can commit to coming up with 10 additional types of content every 6 months, but I am sure that I will add to the list over time!