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4 Metrics Not To Be Missed in Your Next Content Audit

Published: 2022-07-27

Think beyond traffic when evaluating your site’s content. Here are four metrics that you should consider adding to your content audits. Continue reading

A Simple-to-Do Content Audit With 6 Questions

Published: 2020-01-09

Content audits, frankly, are dull as ditchwater. But they’re important to the health of your brand. So make it simple. Answer these six critical questions to decide whether you update, repurpose or delete your articles. Continue reading

Simple Tips to Make Better Use of Your Content Audit

Published: 2018-08-29

You’ve done the content inventory. But now what? Follow these actionable tips on what to look for within the data, how to find hidden content gems, and how to use it to guide your content marketing strategy. Continue reading

Website Content Audit in a Few Hours

Published: 2018-02-15

Content audits are about as popular as colonoscopies but are just as necessary. What if you could get it over with in a few hours? Consider the condensed content audit. Continue reading

Why a Good Content Audit Is Your Business’s Best Friend

Published: 2017-06-15

Yes, a content audit can seem like an overwhelming task, but it is essential to your job as a marketer. Learn what, why, how, and more about how to execute a usable content audit that will make an immediate impact on your marketing. Continue reading

The Best 9 Analytics to Help with Content Audits

Published: 2015-08-16

A content audit is a great way to maintain or improve the quality of your content. Breaking down your website piece by piece and evaluating the analytics provides invaluable information for content development and conversion success. Continue reading

4 Major Problems You Can Solve with an Online Content Audit

Published: 2014-03-25

By looking at the right metrics in a content audit, you can find solutions to common audience and website problems many organizations face. Find out how an online content audit can solve four major problems and help your online content reach its full potential. Continue reading

Why You Need to Conduct a Full Content Audit for Successful Content Marketing

Published: 2014-03-14

It takes time, dedication and patience to conduct a website audit that is thorough enough to help refine your content marketing strategy, but it’s worth it. Find out why you need to conduct a full audit for successful content marketing, and get some tips on how to approach the task. Continue reading

Why Traditional Content Audits Aren’t Enough

Published: 2011-01-24

I had the strangest thing happen to me last week.  I was talking to the lead on a big website project, and I asked him, “So what types of content … Continue reading

How to Audit Your Content Marketing Using Google Analytics

Published: 2022-01-06

The 80/20 Rule tells us that 80% of results come from 20% of the efforts. In marketing, it’s more like 90/10. Especially when it comes to SEO. But what’s getting … Continue reading