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Your Kick-Start Guide to Engaging Content [Free eBook]

The practice we know as content marketing has grown so much in scope and complexity in the last few years that even seasoned content experts can be overwhelmed when it comes to mastering the latest strategies for communicating with an audience. And as for the rest of us,  well, we can all stand to learn more.

Right now, marketers are coming to terms with the fact that a financial transaction is no longer the end-all, be-all of the customer relationship. Sure, achieving a sale is an undeniable win. But it isn’t always enough to drive the loyalty, evangelism, and repeat business that a durable business thrives on.

That’s what engagement is for.

So how can marketers crack the engagement code in content marketing and determine the role it should play in a campaign? And, more importantly, how can we develop a process that helps us engage with customers and prospects more reliably and successfully, time and time again?

There are no magic formulas — after all, we are talking about connecting with something as unique and unpredictable as the human being. But there are many tips that content professionals have picked up in the marketing trenches, and CMI’s latest eBook is loaded with them.

Take a look at Your Kick-Start Guide to Engaging Content, where author Thomas Clifford, and a host of other experts and CMI bloggers, share their perspective on engagement, including:

  • What it means and why it is essential to marketing
  • The four qualities that must exist for content to be engaging
  • How to use content to pump excitement into even the most common product
  • Ways the experts engage the mind by appealing to the heart
  • The five main categories of engagement tools, and great examples of each
  • Knowing what to measure, and ways to use what you learn to determine your next steps

Whether you are looking for some guidance to boost your success rates or need to get up to speed with some useful information and easy-to-implement techniques, we found a lot to think about here, and we hope you will, too.