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The Grande Guide to B2B Content Marketing [Free eBook]

The Grande Guide for B2B Content MarketingWhether you are new to content marketing or have been practicing it for a while, here’s a great new resource for you: The Grande Guide to B2B Content Marketing from Eloqua.

If you aren’t familiar with Eloqua’s series of Grande Guides, they are intended to be consumed in the time it takes to enjoy your 16-ounce morning coffee. This guide is a bit heftier and may require a Venti, but it’s packed with good information:

  • An explanation of what content marketing is — and why your company needs to care
  • Fundamental tactics used by content marketers
  • An explanation of why content marketing is so important in B2B
  • 10 reasons why a content marketing program may not be working with suggestions on how to overcome each
  • 5 reasons you shouldn’t┬ábe a content marketer
  • How to measure content marketing
  • A case study from OpenView Venture Partners
  • A bunch of additional content marketing resources

The guide was written by Eloqua’s VP of Content Marketing, Joe Chernov and me. Ann Handley and CC Chapman (authors of Content Rules) also contributed.

Enjoy…and let me know what you think.