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Diving into Content Marketing: How Dive Rite Engages its Prospects

Scuba divers everywhere remember that first breath underwater.

If you’ve never experienced it, the moment feels strangely magical. Your brain asks, “how is this possible?” despite the gear you’re wearing. Then, with the next breath, you’re ready to explore brand new territory.

Similarly, marketing professionals are turning their attention to the power of content marketing. At first it seems strange. (“What do you mean my customers can talk back to me? Discuss my product publicly?”, etc.) Soon, it feels exhilarating.

One company that “dove” into content marketing (pun intended) is specialty diving equipment company, Dive Rite. Dive Rite is a client of CMI contributor Russell Sparkman of Fusionspark Media.

What’s interesting about Dive Rite is how early they embraced content marketing as a competitive tool and saw increase web traffic and referrals.

You can read more about their process in-depth in this case study.

The company has made great strides by developing a content marketing strategy, overhauling their website and focusing on storytelling.

Not only can we learn from what Dive Rite has done, but it’s also interesting to see where they are going. Dive Rite’s VP of Marketing, Kathleen Byars, is planning on introducing greater amounts of community involvement and incorporating more user-generated content. Here are the next steps they’re taking.

Increase connection points online

Dive Rite’s connection points with customers presently happen on scuba forums, Facebook and through customer service email. Dive Rite fosters dialogue rather than provide static information on popular discussion board forums, such as ScubaBoard. These connection points serve to direct people back to their website.

Incorporate customer stories

“At present, our community cannot directly comment or add content to our website themselves. However, for years we have received customer stories about their dive adventures in our gear and we post those to our website.” says Byars. Browse Dive Rite’s customer stories here.

Reward community participation

Dive Rite encourages customers to share underwater photos. A large percentage of customers share an interest in underwater photography, giving Dive Rite a platform of shared interests. An annual contest determines the “best” photos.

“Our annual photo contest is a huge connection point. For the past two years we get emails as early as January to inquire when photos can be submitted.” reports Byars. Contest winners are featured prominently online and in print advertising.

Download the Dive Rite case study to discover how they explored “uncharted waters” a few years ago, and the rewards that followed. You can also download more case studies by becoming a CMI  member.