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Creating Content Informed by Audience Analytics

Finding the right tone and voice for your audience isn’t always easy. Sometimes, finding an analogy, a case study or even a local reference that will engage your audience can mean the difference between an effective piece of content and just another article.

That’s where a deep understanding of your audience can really help.

Online tools can help you uncover your audience

I spend most of my day researching audiences online. My goal is to learn as much about their habits, passions and pain points as I can. There are some really powerful tools online that can make this task a lot easier and more insightful.

I’ve put together a short (five-minute) video screen cast on two of my favorite tools. Take a look and see what you think.

Deep analytics for free

Both of these tools, Compete and Quantcast, are free to use and especially good for collecting data. You should immediately start tracking your audience using both of these tools.

Now, this isn’t all either of those tools do. In the coming weeks I’ll help you understand how you can use these tools to learn even more about your audience.

What tools do you use to build a comprehensive understanding of your audience and their content needs and habits?