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Stories By Andrew Davis


Are You Willing To Kill Your Content To Save Yourself?

If you’re feeling burned out from content project overload, it’s time to make a sacrifice. Andrew Davis draws some conclusions about what to keep and what needs to go.

Can You Keep the Human Touch When Using Marketing Automation?

Has Andrew Davis solved the marketer’s automation dilemma? Maybe. He and his team definitely seem to be on the right track.

Don’t Let a Poor Customer Experience Derail Your Content Results

Content marketers know how hard it is to attract and win customers. But what happens when your content promises fall apart in the customer experience? Andrew Davis offers a cautionary tale.

Is Your Case Study Worth Your Customers’ Time? Prove It

When you want to build trust with your audience, the burden of proof is on you. So does it make sense to gate your case studies? The latest Unsolicited Advice from Andrew Davis may lead you to rethink your position.

Hey Google Analytics, Can You Add This Sweet Metric? [Video Extras]

In his Unsolicited Advice column, Andrew Davis serves up a suggestion to Google’s head of analytics on adding the one metric that content marketers have long craved.

Discover the Real Value of the E Word (and How to Embrace It)

Great content isn’t about being more clickable, more “like”-able, more shareable. Like a good book, truly great content is unputdownable. Here’s how to engage in captivating – and effective – ways.

Rethink the Way You Get New Business: 3 Simple Secrets

In this Claim Your Fame, we introduce the concept of the Loyalty Loop as embraced by two businesses, and share the three secrets to having satisfied customers who are eager to refer people to buy your product or service.
dog with top hat

4 Branded Content Lessons From a Content Cancellation

In his new column for Chief Content Officer Magazine, Andrew Davis is dishing out content marketing advice to unsuspecting targets -- whether they want it or not. This time, Davis takes video hosting company Wistia to task and comes away with 4 branded content lessons from a content cancellation.

Spark Your Content Creation Creativity With These 8 Podcasts

As a medium, audio represents a powerful and engaging content creation platform. But most podcasts could be better. Here's a look at some podcasting success stories — and the lessons they hold for brands that want to explore the benefits of audio content. Spark your creativity by listening to these 8 podcasts from the master - NPR.

How Your B2B Content Can Spark Meaningful Connections

Learn how to spark a meaningful connection through B2B content. Look for inspirational stories that are relevant to your audience and create content that taps into the emotion behind your business. The result can forge a powerful, natural connection with your audience.

How to Publish Content that Drives Audience Anticipation

Too many content marketers seem to struggle with building a consistent audience. Find out how to build a consistent format and publish content that drives audience anticipation.

Power Your Business Storytelling by Creating a Content Brand

The most successful business storytellers build content brands (audience-first approach) — not branded content (egocentric brand marketing). Find out how to power your business storytelling by creating a content brand.