By Joe Pulizzi published November 12, 2016

This Week in Content Marketing: Deep Content Insights After Three Years of Podcasting

The guys ring in PNR’s third anniversary with some advice on how to build a successful career. They also offer rants, raves, and a toast to Chief Content Officer magazine, continuing to provide multiple levels of value to their business. Continue reading

By Chuck Frey published July 8, 2015

Is Your Content Marketing Career on Autopilot?

Equipping yourself with new skills helps you sidestep programmatic thinking and stop ignoring signs that your strategies and tactics aren’t as effective as they were. Evaluate what you need today to be the content marketer of tomorrow. Continue reading

By Brad Zomick published June 9, 2015

5 Tips to Grow Your Content Marketing Career

You want to take your content marketing career to the next level? Get in line. The competition is heating up. Discover five tips to boost your career – including becoming your own content marketer – and stand out from the crowd. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published June 6, 2015

This Week in Content Marketing: Can’t-Miss Content Opportunities in Mary Meeker’s Trends Report

In This Old Marketing’s inadvertently themed episode – Content Inc. – Joe and Robert talk about the new launch, dig into a latest trend report that shares who your buyers are, and discuss Google’s Phantom update plus rants and raves. Continue reading

By Peter Sena published June 3, 2015

11 Things Every New Content Marketer Should Know to Crush This Field

In a twist on the commencement speech, we offer this: If you’re ready to take command of your own fate, you can succeed. Do you have the foundational and domain-specific skills every marketer should have? Here’s what you need to know. Continue reading

By Jason Miller published April 16, 2015

What’s Next in Your Content Marketing Career Evolution?

Content marketers go through four distinct career phases. Are you a Young Gun, Emerging Artist, Collaborator, or Crackerjack? Discover your phase and learn how to get to the next level with these tips. Continue reading

By Robert Rose published April 7, 2015

New Era of Marketing Requires New Skills

Marketers say they want to reinvent their roles but most don’t know how. Businesses are hindered by a skills gap that prevents content marketing from becoming a strategic function. Learn why it’s important to find the solution today. Continue reading

By Jodi Harris published October 13, 2013

The Makings of an Effective Content Marketing Team: Experts Weigh In

What skills and characteristics should organizations be looking for when building an effective content marketing team? Take a look at the advice shared by several experts who spoke at Content Marketing World 2013. Continue reading

By Mark Sherbin published September 6, 2013

How to Land the Content Marketing Job of Your Dreams

If you’re in the hunt for a job in marketing today, you’ll find that companies are still all over the map on content marketing, You may need to find your role in a well developed content creation system, or help build a content plan from the ground up. Either way, check out our eBook and prepare to land the content marketing job of your dreams. Continue reading

By Jodi Harris published August 23, 2013

What It Takes to Excel in a Content Marketing Job: 12 Experts’ Advice

What does it take to excel in a content marketing job? The discipline is ever evolving and there’s no clear career path to the top, but find inspiration in this advice from 12 experts who will speak at Content Marketing World 2013 in September. Continue reading