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An Essential Resource for Building and Managing an Online Community [NEW BOOK]

CapturingCommunity_Cover-600x8551-161x230I have always believed that a focus on truly unique and incredibly relevant content, shared in the right channels with the right customers and prospects, was the core to most corporate content marketing strategies. I’ve never focused (as much as I have needed to) on how important building and managing an online community is to an overall content marketing strategy.

Two events have opened my eyes to the idea that online communities can take your content marketing and put it on steroids.

First, I spoke with Todd Wheatland, VP of Thought Leadership for Kelly Services. Todd showed me how critical building an online community has been for Kelly Services, and how it is a “must-have” not a “nice-to-have” part of their content marketing strategy.

Second, I had a discussion with Michael Silverman. Michael, CEO of Duo Consulting and a friend of mine for years now, convinced me that the education on how to build and manage an online community was significantly underrepresented. Michael was adamant that CMI should publish a book on the concept; that our readers needed a resource on how to correctly build an online community into the marketing program using our content marketing philosophy.

Well, Michael was right.

Capturing Community [the book]

After months of watching the process in action, I had a chance to sit down and read Michael’s book “Capturing Community: How to Build, Manage and Market Your Online Community”. I am both proud and honored that Content Marketing Institute is the publisher of Michael’s book.

Capturing Community is literally THE how-to manual for building an online community. Michael started building online communities years before most marketers knew what an online community was. He’s taken his years of experience and dozens of in-depth examples from small and large online communities that clearly explain how any marketer or business owner can make this happen.

Specifically, here is what I like:

  • Why?: Michael gives specifics on why you may want to consider developing an online community, and how marketers can convince the C-Level that it’s business critical.
  • Software?: Choosing a software platform is made easy in Chapter 6.
  • Personality?: There are many different types of online communities. Michael lays out all the details for the type of community that fits your business objectives and matches that with the personality of your target customer.
  • Marketing?: Many online communities start, wither and die. No worries here. Michael details how to test and market your community so that members both join and elect to stay and get involved.
  • Execution?: Michael details the resources needed and daily steps to creating a vibrant community.

If you are at all considering launching a community, or if you have a community that simply is not performing to expectations, buy this book [and yes, big disclaimer here, we are the publisher]. Still, buy it.  Not sure?  Get your free chapter here.

Congratulations Michael on a job well done!