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The Blog Post Checklist for Cranking Your Search Ranking


SEO has hit the fan, man. Hmm. What?

I mean, if you think you have foolproof tactics up your sleeve and magic linking techniques in your back pocket for optimizing your content, I’m sorry to inform you that your sleeve and pocket are see-through.

In 2016, you can’t hide your tricks. The search gods see all. And they don’t look kindly on your 2010-era SEO.

The search gods see all and they don’t look kindly on your 2010-era #SEO says @FeldmanCreative Click To Tweet

Google and the other search engines you care about are now good at sniffing out evidence that shows readers get value from your pages.

Focus on 3 tactics that work

I learned most of what I know about optimizing web content for search from (1) listening to my mentor and friend Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media, and (2) practicing his lessons.

With Andy’s permission, I’ve revisited his remarkably helpful post, Web Content Checklist: 21 Ways to Publish Better Content, and produced an infographic based on it.

As you’re about to see, Andy delivers 21 tips to cover the three ways you can optimize your content and crank your rank.

  1. Indicate the relevance of your article to the search bots.
  2. Tap human psychology to increase clicks, reads, and social shares.
  3. Feature compelling media to improve the quality of your content.
3 ways to optimize #content: Relevance, tap human psychology, & feature compelling media says @Crestodina Click To Tweet

With a huge thank you to Andy, a 2016 Content Marketing World keynote speaker, and my partner in design, Visme, I present the 21 Point SEO Blog Post Checklist: Cranking Your Ranking.

Creating Content for Google’s RankBrain



As you can see, the first five tips focus on the more technical (traditional) tactics around SEO. Six years ago, that list would have been longer, referencing keyword frequency and much more. Today, though, search engines are smarter – they look for content that truly fulfills what searchers are looking for. That’s why it is equally, if not more important, to ensure that you focus on the 16 other tips that relate to content quality.

Search engines look for #content that truly fulfills what searchers are looking for says @FeldmanCreative #SEO Click To Tweet
A Nutshell Guide to Proper Keyword Research

Make plans today to hear the originator of the 21-point checklist, Andy Crestodina, and other insightful experts at Content Marketing World 2016 this September. Use code BLOG100 to save $100.

Cover image by Joseph Kalinowski/Content Marketing Institute