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Stories By Barry Feldman


The Easy A-to-Z Guide to Writing Great Headlines [Infographic]

If you like to scan content to pick up some helpful tips, this article and infographic are for you. Make your way through the alphabet for 26 nuggets to improve your headline-writing chops.

The Blog Post Checklist for Cranking Your Search Ranking

The search gods see all. And they don’t look kindly on your 2010-era SEO. They now are good at sniffing out evidence that shows readers get value from your pages. Check out the 21 tips in this infographic to raise your SEO efforts.

Infographic Ideas: How to Brainstorm

Infographics don’t rock. They roll, and take your brand with them. Learn where to start, how to brainstorm, and how to synthesize ideas. Plus, see an original infographic –25 concepts and themes – that was created to inspire your own.

5 Tips for Creating Content That's Educational—and Unforgettable

As a content marketer, it would be a good thing if your audience thought of you as a favorite teacher, right? So take a lesson from a couple of students in the know about what makes an ace educator. Use these 5 tips to create content that is educational, engaging, and unforgettable.

Content Marketing vs. SEO: The Truth Behind A Ridiculous Debate

The "Content marketing vs. SEO" battle opportunists are eager to pit the two against each other. But true online marketing professionals will recognize that both content marketing and SEO are star players in an enterprise-focused marketing strategy. If your team has a void in either area, you need to fill it. That's the truth behind the ridiculous debate.

A Content Strategy that Brings New Meaning to Metrics

Check out's "real-time mood meter" on voter sentiment on the election. It's an example of a content strategy that brings new meaning to metrics.

Say It with Skype: Content Marketing with Booming Beats

The content marketing minds at Skype created a unique e-greeting app that lets users compose a personalized e-greeting — with the help of some famous musicians — and send it along to friends. Hear how Skype created and executed this innovative content campaign.

Lessons from the Content Marketing Hall of Shame

Many leaders have risen up to teach and preach the best practices for content marketing, but what about the valuable lessons we can learn from the "worst practices?" Here, we ask a few respected authorities to help highlight the content crimes that could relegate your efforts to the hall of shame.

Your Site is the Mousetrap, Your Content is the Cheese

Mice aren’t attracted to mousetraps. They’re attracted to what you put on it. The same goes for websites. What are you putting on yours? Let’s start with a dead mouse When you run down to the hardware store to invest in a mousetrap, I’m quite sure you have a very clear idea of what you’re trying to accomplish. So start with the end in mind. (Ick. It’s not the prettiest metaphor I’ve ever created.) Continue reading