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Stories By Michael Bay

Five Things Marketers Need to Know about HTML5

Even if you don’t know it, you’ve already seen HTML5 at work. The new standard for websites isn’t due to be complete until 2014, but websites including Google, Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia and Twitter are already using it. If you’re not already using HTML5, here are some things you should know about it.

Bicycles, Cocktails & Propaganda: A Conversation about Content Marketing

It’s all about the Conversation, Rick Vosper will tell you. And he’s in a position to know: He cultivated a conversation about biking into a highly creative and successful way to conquer a very specific market.

Apple’s iPad3 a Wakeup Call for B2B Marketers

Apple will announce the iPad3, and there’s been a huge buzz about what to expect from newest iteration of the world’s most popular tablet computer. From our perspective, the question isn’t how long the lines at the Apple store will be later this spring, but who in the B2B marketing sector is going to get the most mileage from the mobile computing revolution.

New LinkedIn ‘Follow’ Button Ideal for B2B Content Marketers

The LinkedIn network is beefing up its appeal to business-to-business content marketers. The rollout of the LinkedIn ‘Follow Company’ button, announced two days ago, makes it easier to target and engage with that B2B audience already using LinkedIn.

Tweak By Google Signals Content is King

Google added a new share button to its classic, white search page. It may just look like a link into Google+. It’s really so much more.

Social Media Study: Corporate Blogging On The Decline?

Is blogging an old-fashioned tool or the linchpin of a successful marketing campaign? It’s a question you might be asking if you’ve read the new research by Dartmouth’s Center for Marketing Research.