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Apple’s iPad3 a Wakeup Call for B2B Marketers

If you’re a fan of Apple or mobile technology, you don’t need me to tell you what’s happening in San Francisco today.  The general assumption being made across the Internet is that Apple will announce the iPad3, and there’s been a huge buzz about what to expect from newest iteration of the world’s most popular tablet computer.

From our perspective, the question isn’t how long the lines at the Apple store will be later this spring, but who in the B2B marketing sector is going to get the most mileage from the mobile computing revolution.  For content marketers, it isn’t the hardware that counts.   “The magic in mobile is not the devices, though they are cool and cutting edge,” says B2B Marketing Specialist Christina “CK” Kerley of CKB2B marketing.  “It’s the experiences we create, given the anytime – anywhere media.”

The Mobile Lifeline

Mobile devices are a lifeline for busy decision makers, CK explains, whether they’re smart phones or tablets.  And while tablets like the iPad give marketers more options and features, “The story is not how we’re changing our technology to mobile, it’s how we’re changing our technology to work in a mobile environment,” CK says. 

“Marketing principles are as strong as ever.  They do not change, they are bedrock.  Tools, technologies and practices change,” she says emphatically. “We just need to ensure that the experience we deliver is exemplary.”

Getting Ahead of the Curve

Marketers who find themselves behind the mobile curve should concentrate on three things according to CK:

  • Optimize for mobile:  “Optimize all web content for the mobile environment,” she says.  “To not have a mobile optimized website in 2012 is the same as not having a website at all in 2000.”
  • Integrate: You should look for ways to integrate mobile into your already existing marketing programs. “Look at every single program,” she explains, “to see what mobile tools you can incorporate.”
  • Think big picture:  “Take a big step back and look at how to build new products or processes strategically through mobile.”  She uses airlines as an example.  “Look at how they’ve streamlined the entire process, from getting your flight booked through mobile, getting your boarding pass, being able to sign up for SMS alerts to learn about delays and changes, to emailed consumer satisfaction surveys.”  In the end, the goal is to “make our lives better, faster and easier,” CK says.

The Challenge of Mobile Marketing

Research by Gartner and Morgan Stanley indicates that within three years, mobile devices will be the first screen for all web usage, so making the most of the mobile experience now is vital.  “We need to be in a mindset of always be learning and always be leveraging,” CK says. 

For more guidance from CK, download a copy of The Mobile Revolution and B2B.