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Stories By Dennis Shiao

How To Catch Audiences With Extraordinary Hooks

How To Catch Audiences With Extraordinary Hooks

If you can’t capture your audience immediately, they won’t keep watching, listening, or reading. Learn how to develop strong hooks that transform the ordinary into extraordinary, and watch your audience grow.
How To Unite Divergent Roles and Teams and Scale Your Content Operations

How To Unite Roles and Teams and Scale Your Content Operations

Your team is growing and content lives in multiple areas of the company. You see cracks appear in the processes. Balls get dropped. What’s a marketer to do? Use this advice to get ahold of your content operations and scale successfully.
What Every B2B Brand Should Know About Influencer Marketing (Pricing Included)

What Every B2B Brand Should Know About Influencer Marketing (Pricing Included)

Businesses are the most trusted entity today. Adding B2B influencer marketing to your owned media strategy can boost that advantage. Learn the benefits, influencer types, estimated pricing, and how to get started today.

Unlock Audience Personas With the Power of LinkedIn Profiles

A failed attempt to find buyer intent prompted an unexpected lesson in how to use LinkedIn profiles. They provide a wealth of details to inform helpful personas and create more effective content marketing.

Forget the Resume – Use Content Marketing To Land a Job

Turn a job loss into a content marketing journey to create a personal brand that helps land your next job. Dennis Shiao tells how he did it and what he wished he knew then and what he knows now.

How Land O’Lakes Found a Mission Greater Than Sales

With a new CEO on board, Land O’Lakes embarked on a three-year strategic communications plan to raise her and the brand’s profile. They found a mission greater than sales along the way.

2 Steps To Find Your Big Sexy Idea (From the Guy Who Helped Simon Sinek)

Mark Levy knows a thing or two about helping people and brands find content differentiators, which he describes as the “big sexy idea.” Try his process to create one for yourself or your company.

Need Content Freelancers? Try This Successful Model for Building a Network

An unexpected tweet prompted this solo marketing agency owner to create a network of freelance writers. Here’s how he did it and what he learned.

Why Circular Thinking Works Better in Content Marketing

Let’s face it. Much of what we do in content marketing is based on assumptions. The danger? False assumptions can lead to negative outcomes. It’s time to change your thinking (and make it circular too).

Conquer Your Video Fears and Get on Camera

With several video meetings under your belt, it’s time to make yourself the star of the show. Step out from those internal meetings and go live for all to see. You’ll gain visibility and enhance your personal brand.

Who Should Be at the Center of Your Sales and Marketing Alignment?

Sales and marketing team alignment requires them to put the buyer first. Explore what indicates alignment success. And learn to craft buyer personas that work for sales and marketing using only five insights.

How to Transform Your LinkedIn Presence So It’s Not Just a Resume

Michaela Alexis shares how she built a mega personal brand on LinkedIn. It started a few years ago when her post, How I Landed My Dream Job in Two Weeks on LinkedIn, went viral. Now, she runs a LinkedIn consulting business.