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Stories By Buddy Scalera


How To Ensure Optimal Visual Experiences Across Devices

Maximizing your content resources by adopting the COPE method – create once, publish everywhere – is a smart decision. Even smarter? COPE-M. It’s critical to ensure a great visual experience on every device.

Need a Creativity Boost? Spend Some Time With The Creative Show

Go behind the scenes with one of the hosts of CMI’s The Creative Show. As it readies for season two’s debut this week, revisit the first 10 episodes with content takeaways, fun facts, and more.
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Movie Poster Creates JAWS-Dropping Visual Storytelling Lessons

In the 40 years since Jaws hit the big screen, its iconic movie poster has been copied, parodied, and honored in innumerable ways. Now, two of its fans share how that simple visual storytelling can inspire your content marketing.

Say No to Stock Photography and Create Authentic Images

Here’s one of the first rules of your visual content strategy: Don't use stock images on your branded website. Stock photos are cheap and easy. Do not be tempted by cheap and easy. Instead, go authentic and here’s how to do it.

Brand Storytelling Lessons From a Successful Screenwriting Instructor

Just because storytelling is becoming more popular doesn't mean it's always being done well. In truth, effective storytelling is deceptively difficult, requiring dedication, focus, and ongoing practice. Get some brand storytelling lessons from a successful screenwriter.

5 Tips for Coming to Town with a Great Content Plan

We all strive to delight our customers with the gift of great content. But there's one jolly brand that can teach us a little something about meeting long-term goals through solid project management and content planning skills. Get some tips for coming to town with an effective content plan.

What Keeps Brilliant Visual Content From Being Shared

Visual content like infographics can rocket your business to the top of the social food chain — but only if it's supported by the right strategy that optimizes its sharing potential. Here, we take a look at why a deeply moving story failed to rise to the top of the social sea.

Terrifying Tales of Marketing Zombies Curating Content

We all know this breed of content curator. Self-appointed, self-important marketers who have lost touch with the act of doing real work. It started off with tweeting a few links, but they have been lulled into complacency -- 140 characters at a time. But there's still hope. Find out how to neutralize marketing zombies curating content.

Learn What Makes a Content Plan Successful by Taking One Apart

It's easy to recognize and admire the slick, seamless results of a successful content plan. But take the time to break it down and carefully examine its components, and you'll be well on the way to building (or tinkering with) your own efforts for better effectiveness.