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9 Ways to Get Your Blogging Mojo Back

Maintaining a successful business blog is easier when you have clarity and a plan. Yet so many of my clients and business associates just start blogging.

They’re full of inspiration and passion. …And I always say “Go fer it, blog on!” A few months down the road I see them limping along, barely posting once or twice a week.

When I ask (and I always do, I’m sorta blog nosy and naggy!), they mumble the usual “too busy, no time” excuse. But it’s not really that. Most of the time, when a blogger runs out of steam it’s because they don’t have a clear plan. And they easily fall victim to the dreaded biz-blog blues…

If you have a content marketing strategy or plan, you need to see where you are and get back on track. If not, then you need to create one.

One of the great things about CMI and the CMI blog is that there are a variety of content marketing experts, for small businesses, large corporations, and for entrepreneurs that provide how-to tips for all needs. Every one of them will emphasize the need for a clear plan, a content marketing strategy.

While a formal plan may require an inventory, a needs analysis, and careful thought, no need to stay stuck. You need to keep on blogging, no matter what. Your search traffic depends on it.

So, in the meantime, here’s what you can do about the biz-blog blues to get your blogging mojo back:

  1. Align your blog with your business goals by writing more content that’s congruent with your positioning.
  2. Don’t worry that you’re repeating yourself, say the same things in a different way. Readers need to hear messages more than once and in more than one way. Get creative with what you’ve already got. Repurpose, revise, re-invent!
  3. Check out your traffic analytics program to see what keywords are most popular (your stats program will give you clues what readers are searching for). Use the data to create more posts.
  4. Review your categories for which ones you haven’t written enough about.
  5. Imagine you were writing a book about your expertise: what would your table of contents look like? Use each chapter heading to write a blog post.
  6. If you were to write a course outline, what concepts would you cover?
  7. Participate on other blogs and social media to find out what challenges and popular ideas are being discussed. Ask questions, see what happens. Stir the pot.
  8. Know what others are saying about your topic, products, services. This is a major blog tactic called outreach which combines with content research. When you find something you disagree with, write a comment and blog about it. Nothing says “mojo” like controversy!
  9. Get creative and design a poll, a survey or a contest to stimulate audience participation (blog action). Some of the best ideas will come from readers. Never assume anything, ask.

Get into action, no matter what. Inertia is the friend of the blues. Action is the solution. Give your mojo a boost and your blogging will bloom.

What other ideas do you have to get your blogging mojo back?