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Stories By Patsi Krakoff

Content Marketing with Blogs: Guidelines to Save You Time and Get Better Results

Are you blogging but are struggling with getting ideas, keeping up with writing or drawing attention or traffic to your blog? If so, you sound like most of the bloggers  I know. There is no doubt that blogging takes time and effort, but there are some things that you can do to simplify the process. This post outlines the actual steps to writing and publishing a blog post, including guidelines that can help you save time and maximize results.Continue reading

9 Ways to Get Your Blogging Mojo Back

Maintaining a successful business blog is easier when you have clarity and a plan. Yet so many of my clients and business associates just start blogging. They’re full of inspiration and passion. …And I always say “Go fer it, blog on!” A few months down the road I see them limping along, barely posting once or twice a week. When I ask (and I always do, I’m sorta blog nosy and naggy!), they mumble the usual “too busy, no time” excuse. But it’s not really that. Most of the time, when a blogger runs out of steam it’s because they don’t have a clear plan. And they easily fall victim to the dreaded biz-blog blues…Continue reading

12 Tips for Formatting Better Blog Posts

How is writing for your business blog different from any other business marketing content? In general, the goal of a business blog is to provide relevant, useful information to your targeted audience. By doing so, you create a community of loyal readers and engage their interest in your business. A few important details can make a big difference in the success of your blog. Some of the key issues have to do with content, but just as important is form and formatting. Let’s talk about formatting:Continue reading

Start Smart Formula for Your Business Blog: 5 Qs + 3Es

Many businesses jump right on the business blog bandwagon without hesitation. There’s always plenty to say about products and services. But unless you’ve been paying keen attention to content marketing trends, you may find it’s harder than you expect to consistently write compelling content for your business blog.Continue reading