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The Art and Science of Emotional Engagement

Published: 2016-10-24

As content creators, emotion can be an incredibly powerful engagement tactic, but we have to use it artfully. Let’s explore the science of emotion and how we can use it in an empathetic way to create more meaningful content. Continue reading

3 Tips to Create Ultra-Targeted Content for More Engagement

Published: 2016-09-02

Engagement is the difference between a home-run piece of content and one doomed for a quick out. That’s why you should consider these three tips for creating ultra-targeted content that can attract your target audience.

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30+ Marketing Tools for Research, Engagement, Measurement, Workflow, and Visuals

Published: 2016-08-19

Is your content marketing toolbox empty? Is it so overcrowded that you can’t find anything to help? Content Marketing World presenters are here to help. These daily practitioners reveal the 30+ tools that help them the most. Continue reading

How to Measure Engagement the Right Way

Published: 2016-03-28

What does engagement really mean? It’s not clicks, social shares, and time on page. Consider these three alternatives to vanity metrics to truly understand how your audience interacts with your content. Continue reading

This Week in Content Marketing: Brands Create More Content with Less Engagement

Published: 2016-02-20

Joe and Robert discuss Time’s acquisition of Myspace, Twitter’s opt-in feed change that likely will go “full Facebook”, and research on brands creating more content but having even less engagement, plus rants, raves, and an example. Continue reading

More Engagement, Less Management: The Marketer’s Guide to DAM

Published: 2015-08-10

Marketing is responsible for your company’s awareness. Connections. Ultimately, sales. No pressure! Marketing technology meant to make this big job easier has actually made marketing harder. It’s created an insatiable content monster. Check out our latest guide to discover how … Continue reading

Use Data to Help Your Engagement Conundrum

Published: 2015-04-24

How do you create content relevant to your brand AND your audience? Cultivate the data – yours and others – to uncover what really engages the audience. Measure regularly to ensure your content strategy evolves with your audience.
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5 Engagement-Driven Elements You Should Add to Every Blog Post

Published: 2015-03-23

Everyone wants engagement from their content. The problem is we’re not quite sure of the best way to get it. It’s one area that’s more art than science. Here are five things to consider adding to every blog post to increase engagement. Continue reading

Content Marketing in the United Kingdom: Engagement and Leads Take Center Stage [Research]

Published: 2014-12-10

UK marketers have become more goal-focused and cite Twitter as their most effective social media platform. CMI shares those results and more in its third annualContent Marketing in The UK 2015: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends. Continue reading

Visual-Merchandising Secrets for Better Content Engagement

Published: 2014-12-07

Good visual merchandisers have a big impact on sales when they think traffic flow, color, signage, packaging and more. Use their tips and our favorites to transform your content’s presentation and you could see double-digit effects. Continue reading